A recent leak suggests that Dada Zarude could be distributed to Pokémon Sword & Shield in June, and that the release of his movie will coincide that month.

A leak has revealed the possibility that the mythical Pokemon Zarude in its Dada form could be distributed in June to Pokémon sword and shield players. Zarude was previously distributed to Pokemon players in Japan in late 2020, but there is another form of the Mythical Pokémon that is considerably rarer.

The only major difference from Zarude’s Dada form to other Zarude is the pink cloth she wears around herself. As for the gameplay, it does not have new stat changes or new movements. Its only difference is cosmetic. Dada Zarude is the Zarude who stars in the next great Pokemon film, Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle. It is said that this Zarude specifically left his package to raise a human child in his Pokédex entry, and uses his pink cloth to help comfort the child. Pokemon film in Japan, which has made it very valuable.

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CI enter Pokémon Leaks posted a tweet about sourcing Pokekalos, indicating that Dada Zarude will be available through some kind of event in June. Pokekalos claims that the event will be distributed via code and that the release date of the film would coincide with this event. Beyond that, it is unknown how the code will be distributed, and the Pokémon Leaks Center is still addressing it as a rumor.

The release date of Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle in the west it is currently unknown. The release window is currently scheduled for 2021, and the trailer for the film was in late November. But seeing how Dada Zarude was distributed in Japan at the same time as the film’s release, it makes sense that it would be similar in the West. The question then is how the code would be obtained. If the code were obtained through the movie ticket just like in Japan, it would be a rarity for the West considering that most event Pokémon are given away via a mystery gift today.

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Regardless of how Dada Zarude is distributed, it would be a relief to see this rare Mythical Pokémon being given away in its entirety. Although the cosmetic differences are minor, they are enough to make Dada Zarude highly desired within the community. Rarity is what produces value, and there are also certain Event Pokémon that have yet to be released, most notably the Floette from AZ. But having distributed Dada Zarude in the west to Pokémon sword and shield It would at least help close the chapter on this mythical Pokémon.

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Source: Pokémon Leaks Center / Twitter, Pokekalos / Twitter

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