Some of the best moments of Survivor They come in the last episode during the Final Tribal Council. During this time, previously voted contestants have the opportunity to address the finalists, those who eliminated them from the game. This allows castaways to speak their minds, blow off steam, and applaud or question their competitors about how they played the game.

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Through the years, Survivor The jury speeches have consisted of everything from “Pick a number between 1 and 10” to uncontrollable sobs from hurt feelings. The best jury speeches have a little heart and a few sour grapes, and they almost always include an interesting hook.

10 Kat’s vulnerable confession in a world

Kat in Survivor: One World.

When the Final Tribal Council rolled in Survivor: One World, Kat congratulated her competitors who expelled her and took a very different approach than most of the jurors.

Rather than being angry that they, namely Kim, betrayed her, Kat opened up about her heart condition and how she needed to undergo a second risky procedure next year in order to eventually have children. Kat said life was too short to be angry, and that she had chosen to forgive Kim, Chelsea, and Sabrina because of her uncertainty. The moment made all three ladies cry.

9 Reed’s fairy tale speech in San Juan del Sur

Reed Kelly called Missy an 'evil stepmom'.

Reed and runner-up Missy disagreed for most of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, with Missy often emitting slightly petty energy and openly favoring her daughter, Baylor, over her alliance members.

Reed got into it in his speech to the jury, letting Missy know that, to him, she was the equivalent of the evil stepmother in a fairy tale. He spoke poetically, but a little dramatically. Baylor looked horrified in her jury seat, and Reed ultimately voted for Jaclyn to put Missy in third place rather than second behind winner Natalie Anderson.

8 Brenda’s strange lawsuit on Caramoan

Brenda Lowe addressing the 3 finalists.

In one of Final Tribal’s weirdest moments, sixth place finalist Brenda Lowe angrily addressed her former alliance member Dawn Meehan by telling a story of the time at camp when Dawn’s fake teeth disappeared and she came to your rescue.

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Heartbroken by Dawn’s betrayal Brenda chose to embarrass the finalist and demand that he return to that day of vulnerability by pulling his teeth out in front of the entire jury. This was certainly an awkward encounter from start to finish.

7 Anti-Tom de Coby vote in Palau

Coby Archa in Survivor: Palau.

The Palau juror did not hold back anything in his speech to finalists Tom Westman and Katie Gallagher.

Coby Archa said flatly to Katie that if she got his vote it wouldn’t be because she deserved victory, but because he wasn’t giving Tom a million dollars. In the end, Katie ended up getting Coby’s vote, which should be considered less of a vote. for Katie, and more than one vote against Thomas.

6 Spencer fires Woo in Cagayan

Spencer Bledsoe praising Tony and scolding Woo.

Both fans and contestants were shocked when Woo decided to threaten Tony with the latter two for the ‘goat’ Kass in Survivor: Cagayan.

Spencer, who finished fourth, spoke about how Woo’s gameplay was undeserved in his speech, unusual for a juror. Spencer insisted that the jury vote for Tony because he played better than any of them, especially the man sitting next to him. It was an interesting speech that revealed who Spencer really supported.

5 The breakup of love and the loss of Ozzy in Micronesia

Ozzy Lusth in Survivor: Mircronesia.

Not only Ozzy proclaims his love for her surviving partner Amanda in her iconic jury speech, but she also let Parvati know that she had lost her respect due to her simply playing the game.

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Despite rejecting her and receiving her jury vote only three seasons earlier, Ozzy was unable to accept what she handed out the second time around. Parvati led the charge to vote him with an idol in her pocket after the merger, and he felt so betrayed that he said she had put a price on their friendship. Unsurprisingly, he voted for Amanda, but Parv had the last laugh when she was crowned the Sole Survivor.

4 The bitter resentment of the entire jury of stars

Lex confronts Rob and Amber.

The jury in Survivor: All-Stars It is considered one of the most bitter in the history of the program. Rob and Amber’s alliance that turned into showmance turned into a real romance that rubbed off a lot of people the wrong way and resulted in them being bombarded with insults and tears during the Final Tribal Council.

The notable speeches came from Lex and Kathy, who forgave Amber after a shocking tribal swap days before the merger. Rob had promised to work with them if they kept his girl inside, but released them shortly after the tribes merged due to his loyalty to Jenna and Rupert. Lex and Kathy took betrayal as one Personal attack Y the end of previously formed friendships out of the game of Survivor.

3 Erik’s unexpected campaign speech in Samoa

Erik Cardona arguing on Natalie's behalf.

The fans thought Survivor: Samoa Russell Hantz had to lose, and they were right. He was singled out during the Final Tribal Council as an evil and manipulative person who did not deserve the million dollar prize.

Panelist Erik Cardona defended hard on behalf of Russell’s less devious teammate, Natalie White. He noted that while she may be considered weaker by her competitors, she still made it to the end of the game and was just as dangerous as the famous villain. Her request to the jury worked, and Natalie came out of Survivor as a millionaire.

two Corinne’s angry speech in Gabon

Corinne Kaplan in Survivor: Gabon.

Despite the heroic edit of Sugar that was shown to viewers in Survivor: Gabon, many of his shipwrecked companions did not like him.

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In particular, Corinne Kaplan, who spent his time addressing the jury personally berating Sugar for her fake tears and annoying personality. She said she would not give him the money. She took things on a personal level, prompting Sugar to quickly sidetrack Corinne as she took a seat on the jury bench.

1 Sue’s epic monologue ‘Rats and Snakes’ in Borneo

Sue Hawk giving her speech to the jury.

In the first season of Survivor, Sue Hawk delivered the most memorable jury speech always when he addressed his former allies Kelly and Rich.

His anger was directed at Kelly, whom he previously believed to be a friend. She told him that even if he was dying of thirst, she would not give him a drink of water. Also, Sue compared the 23-year-old to a rat and Rich to a snake, and that the game should end as Mother Nature intended, with the snake (Rich) eating the rat (Kelly). She got her wish in the end when the jury rewarded Richard with victory.

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