Black Panther and Wakanda have not forgotten Taskmaster’s time as Avenger, and are willing to allow Black Widow to kill him in revenge.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Taskmaster # 4!

Approaching the end of his mission to clear his name, the mercenary Foreman discovers that he is not welcome in Wakanda, where Black Panther and his allies still hold him accountable for his role in Marvel Secret empire event, during which he was one of the evil Captain America Avengers. Although Tony Masters served alongside other famous Avengers such as Thor and Scarlet Witch, his involvement in the attacks on Atlantis coincided with the same group’s efforts to capture T’Challa and take over Wakanda. Although he realized he was backing up a sinking ship and eventually switched sides, Taskmaster discovers that years later, he is still paying for a mistake that put him forever on the blacklist of the most technologically advanced nation in the world.

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Secret empire saw a brainwashed Captain America acting as a sleeper agent for Hydra, manipulating the government and superhero alike in an effort to take over America and establish Hydra as a world power. When the cities fell under Hydra’s control and the heroes were captured or executed, Captain America attempted to maintain control with a new team of Avengers that included Taskmaster. When foreign nations like Atlantis or Wakanda refused to submit to Steve Rogers’ vision, his loyal agents attacked both countries, hoping to force them to submit or completely overthrow their leadership. It was later revealed that this Captain America was the creation of Kobik, a sentient child version of a Cosmic Cube, and the real Steve Rogers and his allies defeated Hydra Cap and ended his takeover of the United States entirely.

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In Taskmaster # 4 By Jed MacKay and Alessandro Vitti, Taskmaster has been framed for the murder of Maria Hill and, to prove his innocence, he has to collect the kinesic signatures of three high-ranking leaders of separate superhero organizations including the leader of Agents of Wakanda, General Okoye. Parachuting down to Wakanda, Taskmaster is beaten, captured, and brought before Okoye. He tries to use his thoughtful photographic skills to acquire his signature, begging his enemies for asylum to buy time and sincerely revealing that the Black Widow is behind him, intending to kill him for a crime he did not commit. His application to work for Wakanda is denied, as Okoye says, “Wakanda does not need American mercenaries. We haven’t forgotten your role in Hydra’s Avengers.


After being imprisoned for a short period while Okoye considers his punishment, and no doubt consults with Black Panther about the high-profile prisoner, Wakanda decrees that Taskmaster be turned over to American authorities, with Okoye making it clear that the nation is perfectly happy. to send him to what is likely to be his death when Black Widow approaches. Wakanda’s grudge against Taskmaster appears to be a case of guilt by association. Although Taskmaster points out that he only participated in the attack on Atlantis, while it was Baron Zemo and Dr. Faustus who attacked T’Challa, he was still part of that same organization and therefore clearly responsible for the insult to Wakanda. and its incarnation and leader, the Black Panther.

While it is a decision by General Okoye, made after fighting in close combat with Taskmaster, it is clear that this is Wakanda’s will, and something that T’Challa could have easily avoided if he did not agree to the potentially lethal punishment. Unfortunately for Black Panther, what sounds like a death sentence for Tony Masters is simply part of the plan, as Wakanda hands it over to Nick Fury Jr, unaware that he has been working with Taskmaster the entire time. As his goal of clearing his name from a murder he did not commit is nearing completion, Foreman think twice before trying to sneak into Wakanda again, knowing Black Panther and his country has neither forgiven nor forgotten his Avengers Service.

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