Gambling halls are difficult to access these days, especially in the United States. It may be time for the well-known small arms titles to enter the house on PC.

Arcade games have always had fun and interesting titles that never see a big release outside of arcade. Perhaps the most prominent example of this is small arms games. They might see a release outside of the arcades as spin-off titles, but they don’t tend to get a lot of ports. With today’s world climate making arcade visits difficult, it may be time to bring these classic small arms titles to a platform like the PC so they can still be enjoyed and experienced without putting yourself in jeopardy. do it.

Obviously, there are several obstacles to this, notably noting that traditional small arms technology is not necessarily compatible with newer HDTVs, as is the problem with the NES Zapper. The options for getting them out of game rooms are slim, meaning the PC might be the best (if not the only) option for home ports. Games like House of the Dead wave Rambo The arcade title would make a ton of money if given a wider release, and the PC is perfect for reaching large numbers of players and making sure nothing is left out. There’s another great thing PC ports would do, which would be gaining a whole new audience.

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Despite being in arcades for years, there are still dozens of gamers who have never experienced any of the classic small arms games. These titles have a long history, and bringing them to PC would not only allow the legacy they have to continue, it would also offer the opportunity to renew them, extending their legacy to a new generation. Being in the arcades only goes so far, but it brought these games massive success. However, the current global crisis, coupled with fewer arcades, means that experiencing them is even more difficult than it used to be. It also has the potential to create new experiences.

Small arms games often have a station where players sit or stand with a plastic gun to shoot enemies on the screen. Something like Time crisis, They have innovative mechanics such as being able to cover themselves, which is done through a physical pedal that players would step on near the machine. While it may seem like the work of small arms games would not be conducive to a platform like the PC, in reality, it is one of the best platforms to take them to. Mechanics like cover mechanics or shooting off-screen to reload would sound difficult to implement, but a simple press of a button could replace these functions and allow everything to remain intact on the PC.

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Of course, the games are not dead yet. Companies like SEGA are still creating new titles in their light weapons series. House of the Dead 4 got an arcade release, but it also received a small release on PS3, which used the PlayStation Move to replicate the light pistol experience. This particular game was released on an arcade engine very close to what the PC offers, which means it could very well be released on PC with minimal effort. The limited means of playing these games only hurts them in the long run, as many will never be able to experience them the way people did when arcades were more prevalent.

Arcade-only releases for these games may have worked when arcades were everywhere and easy to access, but now, this release structure only serves to hamper the player base, so fewer people end up playing them or even watching them apart from the online videos. . The controls are not only easy enough to translate to PC, but it also gives them the best chance of being faithfully ported and looking great. His legacies would continue even more if this idea were to come true, and more people could experience them than ever. It’s clear why these small arms games should make it to the PC.

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