Wonder Egg Priority has exploded in popularity in recent months in the anime community due to how it challenges its characters to grapple with dark issues of ending oneself, bullying, addiction, and many other issues.

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Additionally, the anime features whimsical creatures and beautiful animation by CloverWorks, the studio that adapted The promised neverland and others. On that note, many fans will notice how attractive Wonder Egg Priority It can be when you delve into real world issues and recall other anime series that weren’t afraid to tackle these kinds of things as well.

10 Wonder Egg Priority (2021): An anime that bravely addresses concepts related to child exploitation and self-harm

Ai Ohto from Wonder Egg Priority

Wonder Egg Priority is about a girl named Ai Ooto who gets a glimpse into the minds of other people who have been through horrible and unspeakable dilemmas in hopes of leading them in a brighter direction and getting a chance to save her friend.

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Leaving aside the impressive animation and soundtrack, Wonder Egg Priority addresses many issues related to self-harm, child exploitation, and bullying and is not afraid to highlight the outcomes that characters endure from those incidents. When Ai realizes the wounds of other characters, she recalls memories of abuse towards herself, which adds to the depressing tone of the anime.

9 School-Live! (2015) An anime that seems cheerful at first but is revealed to be a show dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental illnesses

Yuki Tekya from School-Live!

Some anime tend to surprise people near the conclusion of their first episode because of the shock factor and other reasons. School-Live! it was one of those series that felt like a typical carefree anime with adorable girls in a school setting until it was revealed to be one of the best zombie anime anime fans could watch right now.

In addition to changing people’s expectations for your presentation, School-Live! He also addresses issues related to psychosis, PTSD, and mental illness in his portrayal of Yuki Takeya, the anime’s main protagonist. It also highlights her friends’ struggles to cope with Yuki’s twisted reality through their stress and anxiety about themselves and the world around them.

8 ReLife (2018) may show relationships of different ages, but highlights struggles with bullying and making friends

Chizuru Hishiro of ReLife

Regardless of life; you end up living, there will be times when people wish they could redo some events in their lives. ReLife tackles this remake issue with its protagonist Arata Kaizaki, who has a chance to return to his younger self from high school via a pill. Despite this golden opportunity, Arata faces some dilemmas with his return to a younger age.

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In addition to addressing wide age gap relationships, ReLife features some characters’ struggles to make friends, move to a new neighborhood, intimidate, and feel insecure about oneself. It may be a modern romantic anime that ages poorly, but the themes it left behind are themes that many people endure today.

7 Clannad / After Story (2007/2008) presents the downsides of parenting and how difficult it is to deal with loss

Ushio and Tomoya from Clannad

Graduating from high school is an achievement that many people should be proud of as it serves as a gateway to the adult world. The characters of Clannad get a similar experience with your graduation to adulthood, but experience the darkest and most unexpected problems that you will have to face and overcome.

By Clannad Not only is it a lighthearted anime with heartbreaking scenes, it leaves the viewer questioning their own lives as it addresses the dark sides of parenthood and the depression and loss that they will eventually endure. Tomoya’s struggle to cope with the avalanche of deaths she faces in Clannad after the story it serves as a message to all that life can be a cruel mistress to anyone, healthy or not.

6 Black Lagoon (2006) contains entertaining action scenes as it addresses issues of gang violence, crime, and lawless peoples

Revy from Laguna Negra

Revy is one of the best gunmen in anime; the thematic situations in which she and her allies engage Black lagoon Paint a portrait of gang violence and crime that is prevalent in the real world. Although the anime features entertaining shootouts, the deaths and bloodshed in Black lagoon it could reflect the lives lost to gang violence and why it should end.

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Many people, children or adults, lose their lives due to gang violence, which occurs for heinous or ridiculous reasons. Additionally, the characters travel to ruined rebel villages, and some have even endured problems of sexual abuse, two more concepts that are prevalent today.

5 Hell Girl (2005) highlights animal abuse, jealousy, and broken relationships through the eyes of a terrifying girl

Hell Girl Enma Ai

Despite the fact that Ai Enma is an anime girl who gives people the creeps, the character endures horrible situations when transporting evil souls to the afterlife with her clients. Hell girl It can be a creepy anime in that respect but, by examining the various visuals implemented in the show, viewers will realize what they want viewers to get out of it.

In addition to warding off evil spirits, the series highlights the terrible results related to fraud, ruining someone’s social status, animal abuse, jealousy, and lovers cheating on each other. Considering how these themes continue to occur today, this further enhances the horror element of the show.

4 WataMote (2013) may seem funny at first glance, but it addresses deeper issues related to low self-esteem and adaptation

Tomoko Kuroki by WataMote

Regardless of whether one loves to enjoy the company of others or not, loneliness is a feeling that many people experience when they are alone. Watamote’s Tomoko Kuroki’s actions may seem like fun to many, but looking at them through a deeper lens shows her willingness to appear silly in order to gain acceptance from others.

Beneath Tomoko’s funny guise is a young girl who struggles with self-confidence, social skills, and anxiety when approaching new people. Her jealousy towards her friend Yu Naruse’s new popular social status shows the character’s struggles to cope with change and compare herself to others. Even though Tomoko is in a funny dark anime comedy, her livelihood is worth looking at differently.

3 Elfen Lied (2004) presents a female character that human beings abuse mentally and physically without any care in the world

Mariko Kurama from Elfen Lied

Elfen lied It was an intensely violent and blood-filled anime for many when it was released and overall made some fans tremble in fear at Lucy’s Diclonius powers. Despite being a character that could wreak havoc on the world, he endured cruelties that will lead people to understand why he became a murderous person.

Child experimentation, abuse and exploitation were three negative themes Lucy endured during her life due to the supernatural gift she obtained. Not only that, Lucy also saw innocent beings like her puppy friend get beaten up by careless humans. Elfen lied It may be a horror anime that many people are no longer afraid of, but the images Lucy saw in her life are images that no caring person would love to see.

two Higurashi When They Cry (2006) highlights how difficult it is to maintain healthy friendships

Rika Furude and Satoko Hojo from Higurashi

When people come together to fight a powerful enemy, a good ending can be achieved. Higurashi when they cry is an anime that depicts friendship that triumphs over fate, but shows how certain relationships can lead to dangerous results. This topic is largely addressed in Higurashi when they cry Gou Through Rika’s decision to ignore her friend, Satoko Hojo wishes for Rika to stay in Hinamizawa with her.

However, Rika turns a blind eye to Satoko’s feelings and ends up wanting to fit in with a deeper but cynical group that doesn’t mind intimidating Satoko and her rebellious attitude. Even if fans weren’t happy with Satoko’s change in attitude in GouLosing friends because of others is something that no one wants to endure.

1 Orange (2016) shows why suicide awareness is something many people need to take seriously

Hirota Suwa and her friends from Orange

Depression is a feeling that many people have once in their life, whether it be from something small or big. Orange was a romantic anime that seriously treated depression by featuring its main female lead, Naho Takamiya, upon learning of her friend Kakeru Naruse’s suicide.

Furthermore, the anime also shows the events that triggered Kakeru’s decision to end himself regarding his helplessness in dealing with his mother’s death, suicidal thoughts, and thinking that ending oneself is the best solution. Not only that, but the anime also highlights struggles with emotional sacrifice regarding Naho’s future relationship with a boy named Hiroto Suwa.

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