BleachThe combat system focuses primarily on zanpakuto, or soul-cutting swords, and kido spells, and soul reapers make good use of both combat styles. But there is also room for ranged combat in this series, especially as it relates to the Quincy archers. Uryu Ishida, despite being a high school student, is one of the best Quincy in the area.

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Uryu can hit any target from any distance, even if that target is a fast-moving Hollow or Arrancar. In fact, he once got the Spirit Energy Core from Cirucci Sanderwicci without killing her, allowing him to win a bloodless battle. That is accurate. Regardless, however, many other archers and gunmen in the anime could rival Uryu or even beat him in a target shooting contest, or give him a serious fight in a ranged duel. Who can achieve this?

10 Usopp, the sniper king (One Piece)

Usopp One Piece

At first, the prankster known as Usopp was little more than comic relief, with his trademark cowardice and goofy slingshot. He looked more like Bart Simpson than a true pirate, but after a certain point, he established himself as the only Sniper King.

The Sniper King can shoot an ant’s legs from miles away without killing it, and that kind of icy precision is enough to send shivers down Uryu Ishida’s spine. Can Uryu beat the Sniper King in a target shooting contest? Maybe not, in fact.

9 Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, Roy’s closest friend (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Although Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye does not have the spiritual powers of a Quincy or Soul Reaper, she has trained long and hard to use sniper rifles and pistols with astonishing precision and grace on the battlefield. Riza prefers to shoot, so her bloody murders don’t feel as personal (as in the Ishval Civil War).

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In battle, Riza Hawkeye is smooth and efficient as she shoots one enemy after another, and her reflexes and excellent eyesight are important assets for a sniper like her. Uryu will need his best moves to compete with Riza on the practice field.

8 Guido Mista, Wielder Of Sex Pistols (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

JoJo's Bizzare Adventure Mista

In most cases, Guido Mista is in the same league as professional hero Snipe, being part of Bruno Bucciarati’s team in the Golden wind narrative arc. It has a Stand called the Sex Pistols, which takes the form of six tiny humanoid creatures with large heads.

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Mista’s revolver and bullets are mundane, but the Sex Pistols’ six bodies can sit on top of those bullets and maneuver them across the battlefield, allowing Mista to hit her enemies from unexpected angles. The six bodies on the Stand can also act as scouts, reporting to Mista what they find as they ride on the bullets.

7 Bisca Connell, The Sniper Wizard (Fairy Tail)

Not all magicians shoot fireballs or wear robes. Bisca Connell and her husband Alzack are gunmen for the Fairy Tail guild and use magic to access and upgrade their firearms. Bisca’s style ranks higher than Alzack’s, though he doesn’t do as well up close.

Bisca can access his rifles and ammunition with magic, then use that magic to further improve his aim and the trajectory of his bullets. She can shoot tears straight from the sky, and her reflexes and movements were fast enough to take someone like Erza Scarlet by surprise. He could definitely challenge Uryu Ishida at any shooting range.

6 Daisuke Jigen, the wandering thief (Lupine III)

Daisuke Jigen is not only a skilled gunman, but also a merciful one. Jigen’s aim is so precise that he can target and disable his enemies without injuring or killing them, like firing the enemy’s own weapons from his hands.

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Most gunmen would shoot and hope they could hit the target, and they can’t afford to aim for precise targets to get the desired result. But Jigen belongs to an entirely different class, and he uses his incredible aim to save lives during his adventures and those of Lupine III (and he’s good with sniper rifles too). Uryu better take it seriously at the shooting range.

5 Kikyo, the archer priestess (Inuyasha)

Kikyo is one of the few snipers in the anime to use a traditional bow and arrow instead of pistols or rifles, and he has the skills to make the most of this weapon choice. Kikyo was a healer and priestess in feudal Japan, but she was also a master archer and no demon could outrun her arrows.

Kikyo frequently shot demons seeking to steal the Shikon Jewel, and can hit very specific parts of a powerful demon’s body to cripple it. He also shot Inuyasha in the chest to disable him, but not to kill him. Uryu has found his match.

4 Yoko Littner, the sniper (Gurren Lagann)

Yoko, Gurren Lagann

Although this sci-fi anime series is primarily about giant robots, there is still room for a sniper, and that sniper is none other than Yoko Littner. She is almost like a big sister to Simon, and will be quick to defend him if anyone (even ordinary people) threatens him.

Yoko is capable of piloting Gunmen’s mechs, but is more comfortable shooting, being able to quickly find the best vantage point to take out her and Simon’s enemies one by one. He would compete closely with Uryu at any shooting range.

3 Vash The Stampede, Gunsmoke’s # 1 Gunslinger (Trigun)

For the most part, Vash the Stampede is a tolerant guy who would rather not hurt other people if he can help it. But if he starts a fight, then he can easily get shot out, with or without killing his enemies.

With his distinctive upside-down revolver, Vash can hit any target from any distance, and even take down giant robots or other enemies with a single pull of the trigger. If Uryu visited the western space planet of Gunsmoke, he and Vash would quickly form a rivalry as marksmen.

two Snipe, the bullet-manipulating hero (My Hero Academia)

Vash the Stampede isn’t the only anime cowboy in these places. The pro hero known as Snipe has a similar theme, though he’s far scarier to behold, and he has excellent Quirk to back up his gunslinger style. Snipe can use his Homing Quirk to move his bullets anywhere he chooses.

Thus, Snipe can hit a target around the corner without exposing himself to enemy attacks, and he once struck villains from all over the USJ compound when the League of Villains sent out a battalion of his grunts. Snipe can keep up with any Quincy with a quirk like that.

1 Vachir, an ex-Yuyan archer (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

vachir avatar

The Fire Nation is home to many talented people, and that includes members of the Yuyan Archers, a celebrated team of archers who could be hired to hunt down any target and bring them back alive or dead. Even among them, however, a man named Vachir was a true archery expert.

In fact, the Fire Lord Ozai asked Vachir to find and assassinate Ikem, Ursa’s previous lover, although he failed. Still, Vachir was second to none with the bow, being able to hit the wings of a fly and pin the insect to a tree … blindfolded. Even Uryu Ishida might not be able to get over it.

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