Many shonen animes have openings that leave an impression on the viewer, either through music, animation, or both. Many nostalgic fans may recall hearing a looped song or their excitement to discover that there is usually a full version of a song (not to mention remixes).

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An opening can be tailored to the plot or be a stand-alone song, and some are even based on pop songs. Some songs even reach a memetic state and become popular with fans around the world who are not too familiar with the actual series they came from. In fact, some songs manage to win over fans for decades after the anime they came from was released.

10 Devilman Crybaby – “Man Human” is almost instrumental, but perfectly creepy

Devilman crybaby

The main theme of this anime is a bit weird as it is almost entirely instrumental, with parts with “human man” added. Although its creepy atmosphere and animation looks like proof of moving inkblot, this really helps set the story. It effectively shows characters who fail to escape their fate, as if they are already doomed.

That said, many fans probably would have liked the opening to have used a remixed version of the classic 1970s theme song, especially since one was made for the remake and proved popular with fans new and old.

9 Inuyasha – “Change The World” gives fans a perspective on the characters


The anime series, Inuyasha would become known for his moody openings and ending songs. Nostalgic fans probably have a soft spot for the first one, “Change the World,” which seems to tell the story through Inuyasha’s perspective. That said, her famous line in English, “It’s wonderland,” feels like something Kagome would say, with her falling down a hole into a new world.

An English version of the song is also known to exist (which was actually created for the Italian dubbing, rather than the English dubbing) and was performed by Inuyasha’s Italian voice actor. This version of the song was probably influenced by the “italo disco” style of music, which favors the English lyrics. Ironically, American broadcasts of the English dub often cut the opening entirely.

8 Ancient Magician’s Girlfriend – “Here” Proves Shonen Openings Can Be Romantic

The Ancient Wizard's Bride

Nobody said that a series of shonen cannot have a romantic opening. “Here” is an opening song with strong Spanish influences and talks about the desire to survive in a new world, with a mysterious voice that tells them where to go.

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The opening is also known for its haunting animation, with the heroine, Chise, dancing like a string puppet, in the dark, over rippling water, and a candlelight room before the other characters introduce themselves. Ending with Chise floating like a fiery phoenix in Elias’s arms, the final shot is Chise with the other characters.

7 Yu Yu Hakusho – With all his songs from different endings, “Smile Bomb” was going nowhere

Animation can change here and there, but this series would have had a hard time finding a replacement for its classic opening song, “Smile Bomb,” despite being famous for its different ending songs. Fans of the English dub may recall that their version also had an English version of the song.

The opening begins with Botan flying on his oar like a witch, though later versions show Yusuke falling on the city like lightning. Slowly, the animation begins to show what he and his teammates are capable of. One flaw is that it messes up which of Yusuke’s enemies will become his friends, but some fans like to anticipate the introduction of their favorite characters and join Yusuke’s side. On the other hand, it can be a bit misleading; the first opening made Yusuke’s mother seem like a bigger character than she was going to be.

6 Naruto – “Go” gives flight to the flying dreamers of the anime

The original Naruto The series has had a few different openings, not to mention the songs of its spinoffs (and the fourth is especially popular with fans).

With the opening focusing on each of the actors, the song emphasizes that the characters are struggling dreamers.

5 Beastars – “Wild Side” is the perfect combination of stop-motion and jazz music

Beastars Opening

The first opening of this anime is a jazz fan’s delight, and fans liken it to jazz openings similar to Cowboy bebop Y JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency.

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But what really sells the opening to fans is its unique visuals – the animation is done in stop-motion. Legoshi can be seen chasing Haru through a dark forest, which initially appears to be made of antlers. Just when it looks like it’s going to kill, the sun comes up and the area transforms into a happy park. There is no danger and Legoshi helps Haru up. The two share a dance, presumably to the theme song. Unfortunately, the last second ends on a note of caution, as a disgruntled figure can be seen next to a pool of blood beneath the blood moon.

4 Dragon Ball Super: “Limit Break X Survivor” does not let you forget the program you are watching


Also known as “Genkaitoppa X Survivor”, this is the second main theme of Dragon ball super. This opening song is proud to be a dragon ball song, even announcing the name of the anime towards the end of the letter.

Fans of the English dub may recognize the English version of the song. And he also makes sure to put the anime title name at the end of the song.

3 Death Note – “What’s Up, People” has a place in everyone’s dark heart and soul

Death Note Apple Ryuk

Anime openings have something for everyone. The second opening of Death Note is for all fans of death metal and hardcore music.

The opening is also known for its famous animation, from the famous walking sequence, Ryuk chasing an apple, or even the blue roses.

two Neo Genesis Evangelion – “The thesis of a cruel angel” is the original meme

Neon Genesis Evangelion 3 Plus 1 Asuka pulls Shinji

The famous theme song of this anime has a surprising undertone. Originally, the series was going to start with classical music, but it was decided that it would confuse casual viewers and a J-pop song would be more appropriate. At one point, the song was also going to have a male chorus, but it was decided that a lead female voice would emphasize a desired maternal theme.

Of course, what makes this topic so memorable is how memetic it has become in recent years, with fans making videos that connect it to all sorts of things, usually what they want to pretend is their “favorite anime.”

1 Attack On Titan – “Guren no Yumiya” made everyone speak German

Attack On Titan Anime Opening Guren No Yumiya Eren Vs Colossal Titan

Linked Horizon already had fans in the anime community thanks to Sound Horizon, even without direct links to anime, thanks to its music and albums connected to historical events and dark fairy tales. However, Linked Horizon would become known around the world for “Guren no Yumiya”, the original opening of Attack on Titan.

The use of German in the song is something of Horizon’s trademark, having been especially popular on Sound Horizon. Ido and Itaru Mori and Itaru Ido Y fairy tale albums. Even the lyrics, essentially encouraging humans to rise up against the Titans, left an impression on listeners. Similar to “The Thesis of a Cruel Angel,” the main theme quickly became a meme, albeit possibly in a shorter period of time, and fans hooked it up to all sorts of their favorite media.

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