Not everyone can be an official Disney princess, and two characters were once part of this circle, but they were eliminated. This is what happened.

the Disney princesses The circle is very exclusive, since the characters must follow certain criteria that only the House of the Mouse knows, and at one point, two characters were part of this franchise but were later eliminated: Tinker Bell and Esmeralda, and here is why. . Walt Disney Pictures has explored a variety of genres and styles in its films for decades, and while it has a long list of hits and very popular films, the studio is still best remembered for its animated stories, mostly directed by female characters. .

These characters have given way to a franchise appropriately titled Disney Princesses, although not all characters qualify to be a part of it. The first Disney princess was Snow White, the star of the studio’s first animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, which awarded him his first Academy Award, an honorary one with seven miniature figurines. Since then, Snow White has been accompanied by many other female characters in the Disney Princess franchise, but there is still a lot of confusion about what makes a character a Disney Princess, as some of them are not exactly royalty, and many Others that are, are not part of the franchise, and there are two that were part of this group but ended up being eliminated.

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The official rules for becoming a Disney princess are known only to those who work at Disney, who at the end of the day have the final say on which characters will be part of the franchise and which will not, but these characters have a couple of things in common. – They have to be born or married into royalty, be the main character in their movies, have at least one musical number and an animal companion. These rules can be modified as needed, as seen with Mulan, who is a Disney princess although not royalty, but performed an act of heroism, and some members can also be eliminated, as happened with Peter PanTinker Bell and The Hunchback of Notre DameEmerald.

Esmeralda sings

The reasons for removing Tinker Bell and Esmeralda from the Disney Princess franchise may seem obvious since they were not born or married to royalty and were not the leads in their films, but they actually go further. Everything is a business and the world of Disney princesses is one. Esmeralda was eliminated as she wasn’t marketable enough by franchise standards, as sales of The Hunchback of Notre DameThe products were not good and because the film dealt with subjects that were not entirely suitable for children. The Tinker Bell case, on the other hand, played out differently. While Esmeralda’s status as a Disney princess might have been justified considering her heroic actions, as happened with Mulan, Tinker Bell didn’t have much going for her, as she didn’t communicate verbally, she didn’t have a partner (because she she was Peter Pan’s lifemate), and she’s not human even if she looks like one. However, Tinker Bell was eliminated so that she could lead her own franchise as a Disney fairy and through that she got to star in a couple of movies.

Other characters were considered to be part of the Disney Princess franchise, but they failed, as did Hauntedit’s Giselle, Tarzanit’s Jane, and FrozenAnna and Elsa. The first two may have had the same luck as Esmeralda, but in the case of Anna and Elsa, it is most likely because Frozen it is a much more profitable franchise on its own. The requirements to be a civil servant disney princess they can change at any time and however the studio pleases, so somehow none of them are completely safe and you could lose your place at some point.

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