A squad mode is coming to Fall Guys season 4, adding chaos-filled co-operation to the game as 15 teams of 4 players compete for the crown.

The highly anticipated season 4 of Fall Guys adds a squad mode that pits 15 teams of 4 against each other for more cooperative platforms. Fall Guys was a huge hit at launch, bringing with it a new interpretation of the Battle Royale genre, with massive amounts of players battling through minigames until only one remains. the Among us-Stylish, bean-like characters are forced through a series of haunting mazes, oversized matching games, and hulking soccer fields to win crowns at the end of the match. While season 4 adds the long-awaited Among us cross with Fall Guys, it also adds a completely new gameplay that takes co-op to a whole new level.

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When the game first came, Fall Guys players could form groups with friends, but the game itself was “all Fall Guys to themselves.” Players can be eliminated quickly in the first race or reach the end only to step on a disappearing hex and fall to its disappearance. While it can be fun for players to hear their friends suffer, it often happened that players would leave matches prematurely to give eliminated friends another chance at victory. As Fall Guys seasons have been different from each other, as the main differences in Fall Guys season 3, it was no surprise that Fall Guys Season 4 would have a much-needed impact, adding a chaotic feature to the game.

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According to IGN, Fall Guys Season 4 will add a 4 player squad mode. The gameplay will work like other battle royale squad modes, with a full team winning if they are the last to survive. By earning points by doing better in the minigames, teammates will advance to later rounds by working together and scoring more points than other teams. The team at the end of the Fall Guys match will win prizes, giving all players an equal share of the wealth.

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Previously, when players fell off the map or were eliminated from a minigame, it was the end of the line, but in the new squads mode, players still have a chance to win if their teammates recover. As long as teams perform well, especially in chaotic new Fall Guys level, Skyline Stumble, all players will advance to later rounds. Squads mode will also change the way the final round works, as different minigames will be added to the list of potential games to determine the winner, including a 4v4 drop ball. In other cases, like Hex-A-Gone, only one player will need to survive to win it all for his team.

With 4 players all competing for the same Fall Guys crown, new strategies will emerge and much more chaos will ensue. Players can sacrifice themselves to ensure their team’s victory, pushing people off the edge or trapping them in entrances during races. As long as the team survives to the end, it will be worth it. As it will be easier to win, the victory prize will be lowered, but the “Infallible” trophy will be four times easier to get.

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Source: IGN

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