Barney’s job is a mystery to much of How I Met Your Mother, but he still has some amazing moments at work.

Most of the time, Barney is not a great person. He manipulates women on a daily basis and his elaborate plans can easily get out of hand. Yet in some ways, he’s the funniest of the cast, and viewers often find themselves supporting him above the other characters. There is something about Barney Stinson that is easy to love.

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For most of How I met your mother Barney’s career was a mystery to the gang. Viewers got a glimpse of his life in the office, but never enough to put the pieces together. His work was finally revealed at the end of the series, and despite making some good decisions, it’s shocking that he was able to keep it.

10 Better: your motivational posters in your office

Your motivational posters in your office

The motivational posters hung on the wall behind Barney’s desk did not go unnoticed by fans. While some of the posters are classics, others were created and printed by Barney himself. The posters remind everyone who enters the office of Barney’s positive outlook on life and inspires other workers. Of course, some of the sayings are a bit unconventional, like their conformity poster, but overall, they encourage people to “stay awesome.”

9 Worst: vote for Sven’s GNB design

Vote for Sven's GNB Skin

When Ted finds himself in a professional depression, Barney convinces GNB to let him design a design for his new building. Ted’s tone is fine and, as Barney himself says, he’s the best person for the job. After Ted, another architecture firm comes up with an unrealistic design that doesn’t represent GNB. But Barney is so excited to be working on a Tyrannosaurus Rex that he votes for Sven’s tone over Ted’s. Not only did he make the wrong decision for his company, he betrayed his best friend.

8 The best: tell everyone what you do for a living without telling them (PLEASE)

Tell everyone what you do for a living without telling them (PLEASE)

Barney’s career is being kept under wraps for good reason. Most of the things you do for your company are extremely illegal and it wouldn’t take much to put you behind bars. But Barney never lies to his friends about his job. They just don’t realize it.

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Whenever the gang asks Barney what he does, he says “please.” They always assume that you are ignoring them, but in reality, you are telling them exactly what they want to know. PLEASE is an acronym for Barney’s position. It means “Provide legal exoneration and sign everything.”

7 Worst: you know things about the company that could get you killed

You know things about the company that could kill you

There is a possibility that a person knows too much about the people they work for. Sometimes it’s better to stay in the dark so no one can hold you accountable. The amount of information Barney has about GNB’s illicit activities could easily get him killed by the company or a competitor. GNB doesn’t have a great track record, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they had a hit man who would murder anyone they needed to shut up.

6 Better: get jobs for Ted and Marshall

Get jobs from Ted and Marshall

Barney always wants to spend time with his friends, so landing Ted and Marshall jobs at his company wasn’t necessarily a sacrifice on his part. He managed to help the company, his best friends, and himself at the same time. Barney was so attached to the idea of ​​Ted and Marshall working with him that he went out of his way to make sure it happened. When Marshall finally left GNB, Barney was enraged and begged him not to go.

5 The worst: starting a dispute with the worker in the building next door

Starting a fight with the worker in the building next door

It is never a good idea to start a fight with someone, especially if they have access to your food. Barney has a constant rivalry with Clark Butterfield, a man who works in the building alongside him.

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They spy on each other with binoculars and play pranks that are so disturbing that their health is in danger. Every day that Barney walks into work, he needs to make sure he’s watching his back.

4 Best: his “conference calls” with Marshall

Your _Telephone_conferences_ with Marshall

When Barney and Marshall decide they’d rather hang out than work, one of them shows up at the other’s office and tells them that they are about to start a conference call. They excuse themselves from whatever meeting they’re in and sneak up to the roof for a beer. It’s definitely not a smart thing to do, as they might get fired for drinking on the clock, but they never face any consequences for their actions. It ends up being an easy and smart way to blow off steam in the middle of the workday.

3 The worst: he is responsible for the merger failing

He is responsible for the meltdown collapsing

The series was confusing with the details, but there was a full episode of How i met your mother dedicated to Barney about to be fired. Marshall tells the gang that a major merger failed at GNB and that Barney will be blamed for it. Given the kind of sketchy things that Barney does for the company and the lack of work that viewers actually see him do, it feels safe to say that Barney was somehow responsible for what went wrong.

two The best: using his revenge plan to get a job

Using his revenge plan to get his job

When Barney’s girlfriend leaves him for an older man named Greg, Barney hatches a long-term plan to get revenge. He reinvents himself, infiltrates Greg’s workplace, and reveals Greg’s illegal activity to the FBI. Even after Greg is arrested, Barney stays with the company and ends up making it his career. Let Barney seamlessly implement a plan of revenge and land a high-paying job along the way.

1 The worst: signing contracts without reading them

Sign contracts without reading them

One of the most important components of Barney’s job is signing contracts for GNB. However, you never read what they say. Marshall ends up reading one of the contracts on Barney’s desk and tells him: “It seems that if these contracts are not executed accurately, we will be at war with Portugal.” Barney is unfazed and tells Marshall that it is a normal Tuesday for him. You don’t seem at all concerned about the content of the contract or the repercussions you might face from signing it.

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