In the latest issue of SWORD, two mutants show just how powerful they are in a battle against one of their own who is possessed by Knull.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for SWORD # 4 by Al Ewing, Valerio Schiti, Marte Gracia and Ariana Maher from VC, on sale now.

The mutants of Krakoa have been using their abilities in increasingly impressive ways during the “Dawn of X” era, with “mutant technologies” opening up new possibilities for the X-Men and their allies. But in times of crisis, some mutants are still full of surprises on their own.

Frenzy and Manifold of SWORD just proved how powerful they really are by taking down a Cable possessed by Knull during the mayhem of King in black – with Frenzy smashing a symbiote with his bare hands and Manifold harnessing the power of a star to defeat his corrupted ally.

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Frenzy has been an ally and foe to the X-Men previously, working alongside the Alliance of Evil and Acolytes, before becoming an X-Man and even developing feelings for Cyclops. Now, he has become a member of SWORD. Her powers give her strength, durability, and stamina comparable to powerhouses like She-Hulk. Thanks to his abilities, Frenzy is quietly one of the SWORD team’s most physically capable heroes. This strength ended up being a critical attribute during the final stages of Knull’s attack on Krakoa. Thanks to her abilities, Frenzy is able to break free from the symbiote that is currently restraining her while Manifold distracts the possessed Cable. With one swift movement, Frenzy is able to rip off his possessed ally’s mechanical arm.

It’s a good performance from Frenzy, especially given the natural strength of Cable and the symbiote. But even that is not as impressive as the one Manifold has against the corrupted mutant. The Australian hero’s ability to teleport allows him to stay ahead of Cable despite his ability to slide down Krakoa in response. Manifold is able to do this successfully long enough to give Frenzy a chance, but even literally disarming Cable doesn’t stop him. That’s when Manifold reveals that his connection to the universe allows him to do more than just teleport himself, but also teleport energy directly from the sun into the palm of his hand.

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Using this concentrated energy, Manifold can unleash a devastating attack that destroys the symbiotes on Cable and around the other mutants, giving the mutants a huge advantage in their battle against Knull. While it is unlikely that Manifold will be able to use this ability in command as much as the universe allows him to do in moments of true emergency like the battle with Knull, it is still a very powerful trump card for the hero to know that he has in his power. . arsenal.

It’s an incredible showcase for both mutants and a good reminder of how impressive they can be when fully unleashed, especially when in the service of protecting their new home. If anything, this only shows the great potential of the SWORD list.

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