Marvel’s Avengers recently teased the inclusion of Black Panther and Wakanda. This new location could be the beginning of a bright future for the game.

This week saw the launch of Marvel Avengers latest DLC, “Future Imperfect”. The DLC not only provides the new Wasteland biome for players, but it also comes with a new villain, The Maestro. Of course, this all comes with the advantage of a new playable hero, Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye. Since its launch, fans have been learning how to use the archer as developer Crystal Dynamics prepares for the bright future they have in store for the game.

In addition to the new DLC, the developers have also announced a new roadmap of upcoming features and DLC available at no additional cost. The roadmap also included a preview of the upcoming expansion, “War for Wakanda.” The next expansion will include Black Panther as a playable character and an entirely new biome and outpost in the outpost African city. But the inclusion of Wakanda also promises that great things are still on the horizon.

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Marvel Avengers It got off to a rocky start at launch as it was riddled with bugs, poor matchmaking, and post-game content that didn’t engage fans the way it should due to its replay. The Wakanda DLC appears to be the first to completely break away from the traditional backdrop of AIM facilities and focus on something entirely new. While AIM will continue to play a bigger role, Jungle’s setup will feel fresh and make fans nostalgic for classic titles like Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, which also saw the players go to town.

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A new map also carries the promise of new types of enemies and allies. This could range from jungle variants of AIM robots or mercenaries tied to the DLC’s main villain, Ulysses Klaue. As more DLC is released, more allies from the Marvel universe have been added. So far these have included former Howler Commando Dum Dum Dugan and Agent Jimmy Woo. The Wakandan outpost could include allies like Black Panther’s sister, Shuri, or Dora Milaje’s boss, General Okoye.

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While it’s not the first place in the world the game has taken players to, Wakanda may be the first place it feels most inhabited. Some of the maps in the game, like New York City, are vast concrete jungles with no civilians on the streets. While the reason is that AIM is patrolling, it makes the city less alive and feels more like a generic map. With Wakanda, the inclusion of the outpost and the potential to explore more ruins make empty areas and inhabited areas feel more credible and alive.

Marvel Avengers has a bright future ahead of it, and if this week’s DLC is just a snack, Wakanda will be the main course. The upcoming “War for Wakanda” DLC may include expansive new features that will bring much-needed variety to the game and keep things constantly fresh. What Marvel Avengers it may have taken it as the release was a story that capitalized on the game’s potential, and the “War for Wakanda” expansion may be the start of that.

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