The third volume of Wonder Woman: Earth One turns an important character into a dictator to make Earth what it should always be.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 3 by Grant Morrison, Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn, and Todd Klein, out now.

Wonder Woman: Earth One She has always pushed the boundaries and subverted the DC lore of how Diana and Themyscira view gender, sexuality, and what it takes to unite a broken world.

In this reality, Wonder Woman has come to realize that the world of man simply cannot be fixed, especially if humanity is left to its own devices. And in Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 3, Diana solves the problem by adopting a more aggressive stance. Diana effectively takes over the world, forcing love and peace on everyone, forcing it to become the utopia that it could not be on its own.

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This book shows the strength and hatred of patriarchy on full display, with Ares disguised as Max Lord and using the United States government to bombard Themyscira with giant robots. However, he is not only playing the physical game, he is also manipulating the media to rip women apart all over the world. He continues to spread a philosophy of submission and subjugation, which is why, after consulting with her dead mother, Hippolyta, in the underworld, Diana knows there is only one course of action.

She returns from the land of the dead, after Steve Trevor traded his life for hers, and bathes the world with his rays of love to create an idyllic utopia once Ares falls. Although it seems harsh, in a thousand years, the world will become a republic known as Harmonia.

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While there are still some toxic groups, they are being eliminated and Diana admits that progress will meet with resistance. Fortunately, it is minimal and, with the blessings of so many men, it has been vindicated by everyone from a resurrected Steve to presidents around the world. And as for any conditioning due to your rays of peace and love, you are not brainwashing people, you are bringing out the love they were hiding underneath, replacing their hatred.

It’s a brave new world with free healthcare, free education, debt free, and the technology of the Amazons being shared to help everyone while they are worth it. This is a true paradise world, and most men are glad they submitted. Now Diana’s team knows they will be called out for being troublesome, but they are prepared to defend their reign with evidence that shows how the world is healing rather than being suffocated, as happened in the world Superman controlled in the world. Injustice Serie.

In the future, unity, order, love and peace reign, proving that Wonder Woman was right. While humanity would destroy itself and bring chaos back, Diana does her best for everyone by taking charge as Harmonia’s stable, daring and kind vision spans the world.

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