The misunderstood anime villain can be one of the best in any storytelling medium. While there is a place for characters like Himiko Toga, or the villain, to be evil dudes, nothing beats a good understanding villain. In some cases, this can be done with a tragic backstory like with Itachi from Naruto

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In other cases, it can be done simply because of the powers they possess. It can be a power that slowly corrupts someone who was once good, or one that the rest of society considers bad. And sometimes, anime villains don’t choose evil life, it chooses them. Here are 10 characters who are only bad because of their powers.

10 Koro-sensei is the personification of this trope

Koro-sensei standing in front of a blackboard

There are many examples of a good guy who has horrible abilities, but Koro-sensei was extremely kind. It’s part of what he did Assassination classroom such an enjoyable trip, and why it was the main plot point of the series.

The more he continued, the more fans felt about his plight and saw how much he cared about his students. He made the ending one of the best teargas in an anime, up there with Your lie in april and others.

9 Moonlight Boy was corrupted by Femto

Moonlight Boy, or Casca, and the son of Guts, has a complicated and dark history thanks to what Femto did to him. The first time he’s seen the post-tense jump, he seems evil due to the corruption of Femto’s acts.

Rather than succumb to them, he manages to overcome it, proving loyal to both of his parents, particularly Casca. He uses his demonic power to help protect his mother from the oncoming monsters, drawn there by the mark.

8 All Claymores run the risk of becoming bloodthirsty

Old house it has a very interesting premise. They were initially built like this legendary organization created to rid the world of monsters called yoma.

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As more is revealed to the audience, the true nature of the yoma and the Claymore comes to light, showing that they are the same. All Claymores run the risk of becoming Awakened, creatures that are no different from the Yoma in appearance but possess far greater abilities.

7 Shihoko Kishida can melt people’s organs

Shihiko kissing the man Darker Than Black

Characters in Darker than black he may have some really horrible abilities, but none of them compare to Shihiko Kishida’s ability to melt a person’s internal organs. It is this ability that put her in charge of murdering Alma, a woman who was simply trying to atone for her past sins.

She fails in her mission, the true nature of the Syndicate is revealed after her emotions return. Tragically, he sacrifices himself so that Huang, the love of his life, can live without being hunted by the Syndicate.

6 Light Yagami’s God Complex was born from the power of the Death Note

Light Yagami from Death Note gazing at his desk while holding a pen

There is no doubt that Light is one of the most fascinating antagonists in anime. There is a lot of depth and nuance to his character in the fact that many people supported the actions he took, although many did not come close to the end when he became nothing more than a murderer.

At his core, he wanted to rid the world of evil, but the power of the notebook began to taint him, making him see himself as a god from the new world that he was trying to introduce. as much as their actions did.

5 Saika’s love for humanity turned to madness

Saika Durarara drawn sheet

Saika is an ancient evil weapon that has the ability to not only take control of a host body, but also the bodies of anyone who touches the blade. Everything turns in contact with him to become part of a hive mind, seeing Saika as his mother.

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The sword loves humanity but it cannot touch us the way it wants. Cutting is the only way you can express yourself, making your hosts appear psychotic and insane. The sword also strongly believes in rewarding those who help it, even if it is a person they detest.

4 Scar wasn’t bad once his motivations came to light

Fullmetal Alchemist_ Brotherhood_ Scar

Scar is one of the most complete examples of a character misunderstood for his powers. For much of Full Metal Alchemist, is seen as one of the villains, second only to the homunculus.

Much of this is due to his revenge against the state alchemists as everything his right arm touches is destroyed. As time goes on and more of his reasoning shows up, he seems less of a villain and even has some heroic moments here and there.

3 Warden Magellan is a walking poison bucket

It is true that Warden Magellan is not the most heroic person without his power. He is listless with the prisoners he presides over, killing some of them for petty crimes like being too loud. On the other hand, it is a prison where some of the worst people in the world are sent.

Some may forgive their lack of apathy. What really makes him a villain is the fact that he’s a walking vat of poison, making him one of the most dangerous people around.

two Faust VII just wanted to bring his wife back

Faust is one of the most interesting characters in Shaman king. Not only is he one of the few people to have beaten Yoh in battle, but he also has an intricate personality. At first, his use of necromancy makes him seem like a mad scientist, one who lacked a shred of sanity.

The reality is that he has been suffering the loss of his beloved Eliza, wanting nothing more than to regain his soul again. It’s a tragic story, one that puts his powers in better perspective.

1 Akira in Devilman just wanted to protect his friends

In Evil man and its recent remake, Devilman crybaby, there are no heroes in sight. Many of the characters are misunderstood and no one gets what they want at the end of it all.

The most tragic of these is Akira, who wanted to protect his friends, only to become a Devilman after a battle with Amon. From there, his actions, while good in his eyes, are seen as villainous to the rest of the world due to his demonic transformation and Ryo’s actions.

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