While the MCU is known for its cinematic success, WandaVision it was still a gamble. Bringing the excitement and chills of the MCU’s widescreen to the small screen was a risk, but WandaVision It was admirably successful, defying expectations and even breaking the sometimes formulative nature of movies with a show that was as much about grief, loss, and how it was treated as superhero action. There was a lot at stake WandaVision, and was able to reach dizzying heights.

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Marvel had brought its properties to streaming services long before. WandaVision, with Netflix shows Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Y Defenders earning critical and public acclaim. However, there are many ways to WandaVision it is superior to those programs.

10 The WandaVision hack attracted people who might not otherwise care

WandaVision banner Wanda Vision

When fans first saw the commercials and concept art for WandaVision, drew much more attention to the product than otherwise. Everything seemed novel: Scarlet Witch and Vision in worlds inspired by sitcoms caught everyone, making them wonder exactly what was going on and how it would all come together.

The sitcom tributes let viewers know that this wouldn’t be your typical MCU fare, and that sentiment permeated the show. Each episode had a unique feel that was indebted to the shows that were its inspiration and it worked to set everything apart from what viewers expected.

9 Even with their differences, it still felt like the MCU

Vision and Wanda say goodbye

Marvel Netflix shows never felt like they were part of the MCU. From the raw violence and profanity to the overwhelming darkness of the plots, and the more grounded approach to the storytelling, it might have been Marvel, but it didn’t feel like the MCU. This was a mark against them, as many MCU fans just weren’t interested in them.

While WandaVision it broke a lot of the MCU cliches that sometimes make movies a bit serious and predictable, it still feels like a product of the MCU, with the humor and heart intact. He even used middle and end credit scenes to his advantage, cementing the MCU feel in a way that Netflix Marvel never did.

8 Added to the MCU

While the Netflix Marvel shows had a following, with many demanding that their actors be brought into the MCU, the shows really had nothing to do with the movies. They didn’t send the story of the MCU and they were only tangentially related. WandaVision, on the other hand, it was definitely related to the MCU and added things to it.

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From Monica Rambeau’s introduction to Agatha Harkness and her use of the mysterious Darkhold magic book, WandaVision added all sorts of new aspects to the MCU, giving viewers a look at the post-Endgame MCU and set new plot points for the future.

7 The emotional core of the story tugged at the heart strings

Billy Tommy Wanda Vision

Netflix Marvel shows were mostly violence shows, with only Jessica jones going very deep due to his abuse at the hands of the Purple Man. Most of the other shows were just fun beat-em-ups, but that’s about it. WandaVision it was quite different as it was about things like love, pain and how people dealt with it.

The show was able to hit viewers squarely in the heart, using its narrative to allow readers to enter the tragic world of Wanda Maximoff and how it affected her. The show did an incredible job of playing on the emotions of the audience.

6 The love story between Wanda and Vision was sweet and touching

Final Farewell by WandaVision

Fans had caught a glimpse of Wanda and Vision together in Captain America: Civil War Y Avengers: Infinity WarBut in big ensemble pieces, it was hard to really focus on their relationship and what made it special. WandaVision was able to give them time together and show viewers who may have questioned their relationship why they were together.

There was something sweet and moving about their interaction and the extremes that Wanda did in order to win back the man she loved. It was unlike anything on the Netflix Marvel shows and it really set the show apart from the usual MCU fare.

5 The final battle show felt more like a movie than anything else on Netflix shows

Monica Rambeau Vision Speed ​​and Wiccan Look in Scarlet Witch Agatha Harkness and Wanda's Runes WandaVision

While some were a bit disappointed in the way WandaVision It turned out that in the end, the final battle between Wanda, Agatha, and the two Visions was pure MCU to the end and a sea change from the brutal and intimate violence of the Netflix Marvel shows. While both types of battles have their place, the sheer spectacle of the end of WandaVision It gave the show a big screen feel.

Marvel Netflix shows had a lot of great fights, but none captured the flavor of the big screen like WandaVision made. It was a pure show and it looked amazing, a good ending to the show.

4 It wasn’t as bleak as the Marvel Netflix shows

Agatha controls Fietro

The Marvel Netflix shows had a grim and gritty flavor, as they dealt more with street-level crime and such. While this is definitely a part of superhero comics, it’s not for everyone, and the MCU has mostly avoided these kinds of things. While WandaVision had its moments of darkness, it was not as gloomy as Netflix shows.

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This was a great feather in his cap, as MCU audiences have shown that they are not so much on the darker side of superheroism. While WandaVision It was still a grim subject, did it in a way that felt almost hopeful at times, and the show’s humor helped offset any obscurity in the narrative.

3 It featured characters that never got enough attention

Wanda and Vision smile at each other

Scarlet Witch and Vision were always around afterAvengers: Age of Ultron, but they never had a chance to shine as characters. Sure, they had their moments in some of the battles and viewers got a glimpse of them as characters, but when it comes down to it, they never really developed too much.

Scarlet Witch and Vision were fan favorite characters in the comics, and viewers wanted to see more of them. However, they were often lost in confusion due to the more “important” MCU characters. WandaVision finally brought them into the limelight, allowing viewers to see what comic book readers had long known: that they were great characters.

two Changed Scarlet Witch and primed her for bigger things


In the comics, Scarlet Witch has seen great growth and change. There have been several occasions over the years when she was one of the most important characters in comics, and her reality-altering powers made her the center of many stories. On top of that, the trials and tribulations of her life made her a multifaceted and interesting character.

WandaVision It has a similar effect on the Scarlet Witch of the MCU, expanding her powers and making her just another player in the MCU, preparing her for greater things in the future and opening up new storytelling possibilities.

1 It’s actually part of the MCU.

scarlet witch wandavision endgame

Over the years, there have been many questions about whether the works of the now-defunct Marvel TV were part of the MCU, which was run by Marvel Studios. For a long time, they were two separate entities, and although the shows sometimes used parts of the movies, the movies never used anything from the shows.

WandaVision, on the other hand, it is definitely and indisputably a part of the MCU. It has the MCU feel and production values ​​and uses events and characters from the movies to create a compelling and powerful narrative that opens up entirely new avenues for the MCU to explore. This alone makes it far superior to Marvel Netflix shows.

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