Eagle-eyed social media followers spotted Clare and Dale together on a getaway to Napa, and the couple seemed very welcoming posting from the same bed.

Then High school Couple Clare Crawley and Dale Moss separated in January, fans assumed the couple was over for good. However, just a month later, the couple reunited in Florida and surprised the Bachelor Nation. Clare and Dale haven’t said if they’re officially back together, but the more they choose to deny it, the more true it seems. The couple have spent a lot of time together and were recently spotted having a romantic getaway in Napa to celebrate Clare’s 40th birthday.

The couple reportedly see no future together, but their continued meetings and travels together suggest otherwise. Once the couple was spotted together in Florida, it wasn’t long before fans saw more and more clues on social media that Clare and Dale continued to make up. The eagle-eyed social media stalkers noticed through their respective Instagram accounts that the two were often in the same place at the same time.

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Not long after being seen packing together on the PDA in New York, the couple flew back to the West Coast, where Clare is from. From their social media accounts, it appears that Clare and Dale are huddled in Napa, California, for what seems like a romantic weekend. Clare and Dale posted photos on their Instagram stories that appear to have been taken from the same bed. The view from the bed is exactly the same in both photos, so it’s fair to say that Clare and Dale are dividing a hotel room.

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Although sources and rumors have said otherwise, it appears that Clare and Dale are reuniting and rekindling their relationship. It is very important that you choose to spend time with Dale as he celebrates his birthday. Dale also recently left a heart in the comments on Clare’s birthday Instagram post. Fans may be frustrated at how secretive the couple have been about the status of their relationship, but it appears Clare and Dale won’t be making any kind of announcement until they are fine and ready.

Perhaps the couple has learned something from their time. High school and how quickly they rushed to make a compromise in the first place. The fast pace of their relationship clearly put pressure on the couple, and now Clare and Dale seem happy to take their time and see where things are going. But until they decide to go public, fans will have to keep a close eye on their Instagram accounts to see what the couple will do next.

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Source: Clare Crawley / Instagram, Dale Moss / Instagram

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