In the wake of Alfred’s death, Batman is showing that he’s trying to be a Bat hitter as promised, allowing himself to have some positivity.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman # 106

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ bat Man, It seems that the Dark Knight is starting to turn into the best bat he promised. Alfred he would be. In Batman # 106, A seemingly small moment shared between Batman and his recently reunited friend Ghost-Maker actually communicates a lot about the positive growth Batman has had over the past two years. In the moments just before Joker War, Batman promised the late Alfred that he would become a better bat not only for Gotham, but for himself and his family as well. A large part of that has allowed herself to relax a bit with those she trusts.

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As an example, Batman # 55 saw Nightwing join Batman for a night patrolling Gotham, and Dick was trying to convince the Dark Knight to join him in a contest as they leapt across rooftops in search of crime. Batman was his usual aloof and disapproving self, and although he conceded Nightwing’s free fall contest, he left the game prematurely. Unfortunately, Batman’s lack of interest in this game was made even worse, as it was the same issue where Nightwing was shot in the head, leading to Dick losing his memories until relatively recently.

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In direct contrast, Batman was recently open and honest enough to re-forge an old friendship that had long been broken, meeting with Ghost-Maker, who agreed to stay in Gotham for a time to help the Dark Knight on his crusade. . As they work together to stop a new group known as the Unsanity Collective in Batman # 106 from writer James Tynion IV with art by Jorge Jiménez, Batman actually agrees to run back home with Ghost-Maker once the criminals have been apprehended.


While one has to wonder if Nightwing is jealous, the main difference between the two events is Alfred’s death. The loss of Alfred has apparently forced Batman to evaluate his methods and how he operates, not just as Batman, but with members of his own family as well. Combined with his son Damian choosing to leave his role as Robin in favor of walking his own path alone after Alfred’s death, it is possible that Batman has finally realized that he needs to stop excluding those closest to him. Instead, you need to trust them now more than ever, especially considering the levels of anti-vigilante sentiment in Gotham are at an all-time high.

It seems that Batman, being more open, has also led him to relax a bit more with his Bat Family and allies, hence his agreement for a career with Ghost-Maker. Again, while it’s a small moment in a problem with possibly much more important things, it really shows that bat Man perhaps it has started to change for the better with the context provided, and it is all due to your attempts to fulfill your promise of Alfred to be that best bat in DC Comics in the future.

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