The spirit that afflicted Anders in Dragon Age II made it difficult for him to function, but it didn’t stop him from falling in love with Hawke.

Romances in Dragon Age II he often teetered on the brink between friendship and rivalry, and nowhere was this more prevalent than in Hawke’s potential romance with Anders. Possessed by the spirit and obsessed with justice for downtrodden wizards, Anders struggled to change his focus from the injustices in the world around him. However, despite her obsessions, she could fall madly in love with Hawke.

Anders knew that revealing his more vulnerable side to a romantic partner was a dangerous gamble, but he couldn’t resist Hawke’s appeal. If Hawke opposed everything Anders stood for, creating a deep rivalry between them, it seemed much more difficult for him to keep his distance. Like a moth to a flame, Anders gravitated toward Hawke even though he knew he would turn to ash in his flames.

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A romantic option for both male and female Hawke, the option to start flirting with Anders comes shortly after completing his first personal mission in Act I. If Hawke flirts with him, he’s pleased enough to notice that he should look into a mirror. more frequently. . If Hawke only chooses friendly dialogue, Anders flirts, but then scolds himself for being presumptuous. A receptive Hawke eventually gains a bit of regret, as Anders realizes that if they had met before he merged with Justice, things would have been different. In general, he worries that he will only hurt Hawke.

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Despite his reservations, if Hawke continues to flirt with Anders, the romance continues, even if Hawke is building an epic rivalry with him. In the second act, after completing Anders’ personal search, they will find him in his clinic writing hastily. If he’s in a rivalry with Hawke, Anders will be working on his manifesto on unfair treatment of wizards. He knows that Hawke disagrees with him and that the relationship is not healthy, but he can’t help how he feels.

If Hawke flirts with him, Anders will kiss them and offer to go later that night to the Hawke family estate. Justice is uncomfortable with what is happening with Anders and does not trust Hawke, but for the moment, Anders can assert himself and ignore Justice’s warnings.

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When Anders arrives at Hawke’s house, he confesses to being in love with them. If Hawke has romantically entertained other peers, Anders will express doubts that they really want him, which Hawke can expel by telling him that he didn’t mean anything or that those past relationships are over and that they only want him. Later, they kiss and share a romantic encounter in Hawke’s bedroom.

During Act II, there is the option to end the relationship with Anders in the Fade by choosing to side with the lazy demon that causes Feinriel’s nightmares. Accepting the demon’s offer creates enough points of rivalry with Anders to break the romance entirely, and no further options are presented to resume the relationship.

An Anders in love will move into Hawke’s house, and in Act III, Hawke can give him a key to the underground tunnels that will allow him stealth access to the house without alerting the Templars. However, as the game progresses, he will ask Hawke to help him gather the ingredients for a spell he can perform to separate himself from Justice. That’s not really what Anders is trying to do, but he lies to prevent Hawke from discovering his true purpose. If Hawke refuses to help him with his quest, Anders finds a way to do what he needs to do regardless, but if they do, he apologizes for breaking their hearts as that was always where the relationship was going to go.

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Regardless of what Hawke says or does, Anders blows up the Chapel in Act III, causing an all-out war between the wizards and the Templars in Kirkwall. If Hawke chooses to side with the wizards during the battle, the romance is complete and it is implied that the two flee Kirkwall together afterward. However, if Hawke sides with the Templars, the pair share a goodbye kiss and Anders is not mentioned at all in the epilogue.

If he’s having an affair, Hawke will mention Anders in Dragon Age: Inquisition when they meet Varric and the Inquisitor on the parapets of Skyhold. Hawke talks about not knowing if the two will ever be able to get over Anders’ betrayal, but they can’t just give up on him. In fact, they also noticed that Anders would be there with him now if it weren’t for the Guardians chasing Hawke. Anders’ own time with the Guardians has left him wary of his motives, and he plans to never return to them if possible.

An affair with Anders has the potential to be tragically endearing or volatile in a way that makes some players uncomfortable. Anders ‘fusion with Justice led to an intense mental state akin to serious mental illness, and their rivalry drew attention to this parallel in ways that make Hawke seem unable to find compassion for Anders’ suffering. It’s unclear whether or not Anders will return for future games, but if Hawke does return and they fall in love with him, the wizard will almost certainly make another appearance.

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