Despite its status as the most awarded game in history, The Last of Us Part 2 lost SXSW’s coveted GOTY Award to beloved critic Hades.

In some annoying way, dear critic hell was awarded the SXSW Video Game of the Year award for The Last of Us Part II. Notably, The last of us 2 is the most awarded video game in history, surpassing The witcher 3, having obtained a significant number of awards and even more nominations, which hell‘win even more impressive.

hell It is also not alien to the awards. This roguelike inspired by the Greek myth of Supergiant Games has won quite a few awards, including Game of the Year accolades from many critical media and award shows. hellThe art, characters, and gameplay have led many to believe that its “AA” designation is the future of gaming – studios and titles that bridge the gap between the high production values ​​of the AAA world and the risky freshness of the indie space. hell“Numerous awards and nominations are proof that this combination is viable.

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Despite Hell’ high status among critics and reviewers, many expected The last of us part 2 to win SXSW Video Game of the Year Award from the 2021 Gaming Awards. The game’s prestige, previous award record, and high critical reception led some to believe it was a shoe. In a surprising turn of events, SXSW has named hell the winner of the Videogame of the year. hell it also took home the award for Excellence in Game Design. Of course, The last of us 2 it wasn’t completely turned down – developer Naughty Dog went home with the award for excellence in storytelling, so the SXSW board still gave a big nod to The last of us 2 for its narrative, which is what many argue is one of its strongest aspects.

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Although some The last of us 2 fans may object to the idea of ​​the game not winning another Game of the Year award, it still hasn’t left SXSW empty-handed, and the Excellence in Narrative award is something many games and studios can only dream of. . Even being on the short list and receiving a GOTY nomination is an achievement in itself. The last of us 2 still the most awarded game in history – hell he won’t be taking that crown (and no other title probably will soon).

It may be worth examining why hell he has received so many awards of his own. The Supergiant title lends a fresh air to the roguelike genre and is tremendously fun to play. A game like hell hitting The last of us 2 It’s not a cause for despair, it’s a sign that the games industry can move toward more unique and engaging experiences, and conferences like SXSW are acknowledging that potential shift. In an ideal future, both types of games will be able to coexist alongside a wide variety of other titles. Diversity in experience is a worthy goal for all games, and Hell’ Y The last of us 2The achievements obtained are the first step towards that possibility.

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hell is available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Source: SXSW

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