Fans claim that Kendal and Erica are ex who went on the show for IG fame and followers. Were they really a couple when they went to Temptation Island?

In Temptation island, Erica Washington and Kendal Kirkland are not polarizing among the viewers. For once, fans have a unified opinion and everyone agrees that the toxic couple shouldn’t be together. Fans have been critical of Kendal’s behavior on the show and are hoping Erica will realize that she doesn’t deserve to be treated that way. But there’s a rumor going around the fandom that Erica and Kendal aren’t even a real couple, at least not when they went on the show. Could the couple be two ex-boyfriends using each other and the show for fame?

It wasn’t long into the season that fans turned against Kendal and felt that Erica is too good for him. It seems like he took his “no rules” deal seriously and has gone physical with more than one of the single women. Fans believe the couple has a zero percent chance of leaving the island with their relationship intact. Many think that Kendal wanted to appear on the show with the intention of getting a free pass to fool Erica, and his behavior would certainly support that theory. However, a fan claims to have insider information on Kendal that shows that something more sneaky is at stake.

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A Redditor recently saying They know someone who worked with Kendal before going on the show. Supposedly, when Kendal heard that the casting was underway for Temptation islandHe took his contact list and started calling his exes to see if any would agree to go on the show with him. The Redditor claimed that Kendal was taken down by at least one of his exes, but that one of them, presumably Erica, agreed to go on the show with him as a fake couple. The couple may have been a legitimate couple at one point, but supposedly not when they went on the show.

For Erica’s sake, I sincerely hope this is true, any other explanation doesn’t make sense to me.“A fan commented. Many fans have wondered why Erica seems relatively indifferent to Kendal’s cheating on the show, and this statement could explain why. “100% think they might be faking right now because he’s acting too sassy and Erica seems too carefree.“Said another fan. Several commentators think that Erica and Kendal are not the only fake couple and they also find Thomas and Chelsea’s relationship suspicious.

The claim should be taken with a grain of salt, but if it’s true, it would explain a lot about Erica and Kendal’s behavior on and off the show. Erica quickly overcame Kendal’s trap, calling it her new normal, and Kendal has displayed questionable behavior on social media. He posted a long, meandering video on Instagram with the address “mistakesThat he did on the show, and then he deleted it a few hours later. Now, in the context of the fake couple theory, the weird video could be another attempt to build buzz and attract more Instagram followers.

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If they really are exes, they clearly concluded that they weren’t suitable for each other and ended things some time ago. For fans who have wondered if Erica and Kendal are still together after leaving Temptation island, this statement about the couple’s relationship should make them breathe a sigh of relief. Many viewers suspect that the show’s couples are faking it, and now Kendal and Erica have been added to the list. If the statement is true, there really are no rules for the couple this season.

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Source: Reddit

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