King in Black: Scream sees the symbiote hero taking on the infernal Demagoblin, a singularly disturbing follower of Knull.

Warning: Contains spoilers for King in Black: Scream # 1!

One of the darkest followers of the King in black, Demagoblin, is raising an army of child soldiers, hypnotizing them to follow her in her worship of Knull, the god of symbiotes; a hideous villain who is currently doing his best to wipe out all of creation. Now it’s up to the symbiote Scream to stop her in a sneak peek of King in Black: Scream # 1.

The King in Black has already successfully invaded Earth, crushing the heroic forces that were deployed against him. After killing Marvel’s most powerful hero within minutes of his arrival, he was able to easily break through Earth’s remaining defenses and enslave several powerful heroes while at it. Earth is firmly in the hands of the King in Black’s hands, and his army of symbiotes stalks the planet. Now, Marvel has revealed that the Demagoblin, a former possessor of the villain’s Hobgoblin persona, sees her invasion as a sign from God, calling her to form a cult of brainwashed children.

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The preview begins by bringing readers up to speed on Demagoblin’s story: Knull’s vicious servant Carnage used Shriek’s sacrifice to resurrect the Demagoblin, and is now locked up in an abandoned church in New York City, kidnapping homeless children and brainwashing them into joining his cult, making them his “acolytes.” On his trail is Scream, another human linked to a symbiote, and one who has already done more than his share to fight the King in Black in King in Black: Planet of the Symbiotes. Scream has tracked the villain to her church lair, determined to rescue the children and punish Demagoblin, sending her “All the way back to hell” as she says. Enjoy the Marvel Comics preview pages below:

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King in Black Scream cover

King in Black Scream credits (1)

King in Black Scream page 3 (1)

King in Black Scream page 4

Demagoblin is truly one of Knull’s darkest followers, in part because she is not forced to simply obey him as his army of symbiotes, but has chosen to worship his reign. The Demagoblin is also a real demon from hell, making her a unique threat not necessarily vulnerable in the same way as other warriors supporting Knull’s invasion, such as his greatest symbiote soldier, Cortland Kasady, aka Plague. Scream has already removed some of Knull’s most impressive creations, but Demagoblin poses a new kind of threat, especially with young children who will follow his orders, whatever that means for their own safety.

The King in Black’s attack on Earth has been one of Marvel’s darkest moments, both literally and figuratively, given the villain’s sphere of darkness around the planet. But despite Knull’s penchant for inspiring despair, Demagoblin’s army of children may be the darkest development yet. King in Black: Scream # 1 is written by Clay McLeod Chapman, with art by Garry Brown and colors by Rochelle Rosenberg, and will be available in stores and on all digital comic platforms beginning March 24.

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