The Star Wars franchise is no stranger to the world of fan theories, and Mark Hamill just tackled the most urgent of all: Bigger Luke Theory.

Star Wars Legend Mark Hamill playfully tackles what has to be one of the weirdest Luke Skywalker fan theories out there. Hamill originated the role of Luke in George Lucas’s 1977 sci-fi classic, playing him throughout the original trilogy and repeating it in both the sequel trilogy and, briefly but memorably, The mandalorian. He is also known for his long career as a voice actor, especially for being a favorite of the animated versions of The Joker since the 90s.

the Star Wars The franchise occupies a central place in popular culture and is therefore no stranger to the world of fan theories. Dedicated fans of movies, television shows, and print media can treat even the smallest detail as the cornerstone of theories of all shapes, sizes, and levels of plausibility. In Star Wars, these range from believing that Anakin actually made balance the force by arguing that Jar Jar Binks was a Sith Lord in disguise, almighty and skilled in the ways of the Drunken Fist. Some fan theories are creatively illuminating, while others are so far-fetched that thinking about how much brain power was invested in them is almost troubling.

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The “Bigger Luke” theory recently screamed by Mark Hamill it surely belongs to the latter category. His followers believe that the original Star Wars The trilogy subtly includes two Luke Skywalkers, and that one is slightly taller than the other, and the most common form of evidence is images of him (them?) Alongside Han Solo. There is an internal debate among proponents of the Canon Luke hypothesis, which posits that these two Skywalkers exist within the Star Wars universe, and the Hamill Hypothesis, which suggests that movies sometimes use an uncredited Mark Hamill for reasons that have yet to be revealed (but presumably of the utmost importance). In his Instagram post, the actor himself wonders how he and his biggest double could have fooled the world for so long.

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Hamill’s reference to The Muppet Show it could actually be the missing piece that blows this Bigger Luke conspiracy wide open. Skywalker and much of the Star Wars The cast appeared on a special episode of the popular children’s series in 1980, and a brief joke introduced the world to Luke’s “cousin” Mark, and the two momentarily shared the screen. Never mind that the technology to accomplish this existed since the early days of silent film – Hamill confirms that this is the only time that he and his larger self went out in public, not suspecting anyone would ever see through the ruse. Fortunately, there are plenty of eagle-eyed fans with plenty of free time, and the world now finally knows the truth.

As Hamill’s post acknowledges, theories like Bigger Luke are a fun aspect of fan culture, as well as an illustration of just how obsessive he is. Star Wars can make people. Fan theories have only become more common in the era of the cinematic universe, and speculation can sometimes overshadow the work itself, creating expectations that a movie or TV show could never measure up (the sequel trilogy Y WandaVision being two recent examples). Sure, audiences love his Mephistos and Darth Plagueis the Wises, but maybe, just maybe, the world would be a better place with a few more Bigger Lukes in it.

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Source: Mark Hamill

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