Billionaire Blake Shelton can afford several luxury homes, but it turns out that despite his money and fame, he has downright simple tastes.

Blake Shelton has won most of the seasons of the hit NBC show The voice. He is also the only coach to have been to the singing competition’s 20 seasons. He met his now fiancée, Gwen Stefani, on the set of The voice when he joined the show in 2014. Overall, the series has been very good for him and gave a boost to his already successful music career. So where does this successful musician and coach hang his hat? Various places, as it turns out.

Season 20 of The voice It’s in full swing, and Blake Shelton has already assembled his team from the blind auditions. He hopes to take home his eighth win after his fiancee Gwen Stefani took the win during season 19. Stefani is taking a break from the show this season, pitting Shelton against coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Nick Jonas. Shelton and Stefani announced their engagement in 2020, and while the wedding date is not yet known, the couple now own a property.

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In March 2020, the couple decided to purchase a mansion in Encino, California. Costing over $ 13 million and over 13,000 square feet, it’s packed with luxury, designed by high-end designers. Gaskin Design and Development. The home is three stories with a four-car garage, a large pool, and a cabana. Large glass doors and windows take advantage of the great views. With Shelton earns $ 16 million every season in The voice, the couple can afford to splurge. Given the The voice movies two seasons a year, owning a home in the Los Angeles area is convenient as long as Shelton is a regular on the show.

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Shelton also has some properties in Oklahoma. One property is on Lake Texoma and the other is Ten Point Ranch in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. It looks like he sold the Ten Point Ranch in 2018. It has over 1,300 acres with a four-bedroom house, a barn, and a large shed. It is a very traditional and simple ranch. Shelton, Stefani and their children spent most of 2020 in quarantine in Oklahoma at the Lake Texoma home. Ranch property includes fields, haystacks, and horses, but Shelton also built a Hawaiian-inspired home, complete with palm trees, thatched roofs, and a large swimming pool, all for Stefani.

The contrast between the glamorous Encino mansion and the sprawling, wild area of ​​Oklahoma shows both sides of the couple. They are both big name celebrities, but they are also just people who want to relax with their loved ones at home. Blake Shelton has also done his best to make his home a comfortable home for Stefani, as they prepare to spend life together. If you are busy filming The voice in Los Angeles or relaxing in Oklahoma, they have a comfortable space to call home.

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The voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on NBC.

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