Westworld is an intricate and thoughtful series, so what happened to the plot hole where no one acknowledged that Bernard was a recreation of Arnold?

From HBO Westworld It’s one of the most complicated sci-fi dramas of recent years, but what’s even more confusing is what looks like a big plot hole: why didn’t anyone acknowledge that Bernard was actually a recreation of Arnold? The character of Arnold Weber and his partner Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) were the two main engines behind the park and its technology. At the beginning of the show, Arnold is hauntingly talked about as if he were a park myth, and Ford even hints to Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) that although Arnold’s death was considered an accident, he believes it was a suicide (he’s right ).

Piece by piece, viewers get a more complete picture of who Arnold was and why his legacy had such a persistent effect on the park. Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and other presenters have their voices in their heads as if they were some kind of divine figure. But, in reality, it is a meticulously calculated programming that he left within them before his passing. It is also Westworld’s innovative programming technology that allows Arnold to be posthumously recreated in both appearance and behavior, as Bernard, by Ford.

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So why didn’t anyone at Westworld acknowledge that Bernard was Arnold reborn? At first glance, this looks like a plot hole in an intricately plotted story. But in reality, by the time the series picks up on the present, Arnold is simply a forgotten item from the past. Decades have passed since his personally scheduled death at the hands of Dolores and the Escalante massacre, the park’s first infamous “incident.” Even back then, most of the events were hidden under the rug so that Westworld could still open up (despite Arnold’s best efforts). Delos Inc. was able to “erase” Arnold from its records, leaving his legacy confined to the image of Ford that he gives of Bernard and his imparted voice in the minds of the hosts.

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Since Arnold died more than thirty years earlier, Ford is most likely the only employee who has worked with him directly. Also, Arnold was a mysterious and reserved Westworld figure, who is said to be often lost in his own world, who was very busy with pain and a sense of alienation, as well as an obsession with creating authentic consciousness. The weight of his son’s death, which is transferred to Bernard as part of his “backstory”, weighed heavily on him. His sense of melancholy must only have worsened when he realized the gravity of what Westworld was destined to become, a place where sensitive hosts would be repeatedly harmed, used, forced to die, and forced to endure the trauma of it all.

In a sense, knowing that Dolores faced an eternally dark path (whom she had begun to see almost as just another child) would only have aggravated the pain she already felt for her son. It’s no wonder Arnold was so sullen and lonely, but his closed nature made him so much easier to erase in front of an incoming gold mine. For a character who died long before the start of the show, Arnold had an impressive impact on the plot. But, curiously, this impact is not known enough to anyone in Westworld to recognize his doppelganger Bernard.

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