In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Justice League, Green Arrow and Superman suggest expanding the ranks of the team to seek justice for all.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Justice League # 59

It’s a new era for DC Comics’ League of Justice, and the greatest heroes of the DC Universe are going to change in many ways with an expansion to their roster. The idea comes from Oliver Queen’s Green Arrow, and his proposal to grow and add new members to the team is also supported by Superman. Also, it’s also interesting to know exactly why Green Arrow feels the League needs new heroes, and not because they need more strength or power. Rather, it is about allowing them to do more and better seek justice for all.

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Justice League # 59 comes from the new creative team of writer Brian Micheal Bendis with art by David Márquez. The issue sees the League get in the way of Black Adam battling an entirely new villain from another dimension known as Brutus. After a brief skirmish, Brutus retreats before the might of the League, as he was unprepared for such resistance in his attempts to take over this new world he has visited. Subsequently, Black Adam leaves to continue ruling his nation of Kahndaq, while the League returns to the Hall of Justice.

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Once the League returns to report on their first encounter with Brutus, Green Arrow and Black Canary arrive and Oliver Queen expresses concern that the League is not doing its best to bring justice to the world. In their opinion, they could be helping more than they, believing that a solution would be to bring new eyes to the team. Oliver worries that everyone has gotten too close, which has led to a more unique mindset.

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Justice League Diversity Dissent Expansion Image

In theory, the Green Arrow idea is not bad at all. For any type of team, it is always good to have different opinions and opportunities for discussion, as it allows the best solutions to surface to achieve the best results. Furthermore, adding new faces and perspectives to the Justice League can only help them help others on a larger and grander scale than ever before – justice for all. Superman fully agrees, and it is apparent during the aftermath of the fight with Brutus that Superman wants to communicate with Black Adam. Based on the cover art and previous DC Comics taunts, it’s basically locked in that Adam will be asked to join the ranks of the League, which will certainly be interesting. Given its history, it will undoubtedly do exactly what Green Arrow seeking, as his colder nature and willingness to do whatever is necessary for victory will certainly cause upheaval and dissension. Additionally, Wonder Woman’s mother, Queen Hippolyta, will be joining the team, as well as newcomer Naomi McDuffie in future issues.

While this is all very well for today in the DC Universe, there is concern about what was seen in DC. Future state event, which revealed that an expansion of the League will result in betrayal and devastation. While it should also be noted that the future depicted is not set in stone, the League is expanding nonetheless. Hopefully the League of Justice You will be able to deviate from the dark path that potentially lies ahead and instead maintain the positive new era that may emerge from the growth of the League’s roster at DC Comics.

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