Viewers are stunned to see Natalie and Mike’s concept art! One fan thought the sketch looked like “the cover of a psychedelic thriller.”

Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist are one of the most troublesome couples in 90 day fiancé season 8. That’s why a fan was forced to draw concept art on them. Many fans are delighted to see the artwork as it captures the exact facial expression of the couple. A fan said it is “literally perfect, “and another fan called him out”masterpiece!!

Mike surprised many 90 day fiancé viewers after canceling his wedding to Natalie. From the beginning of this season, he was unsure of his decision to marry Natalie. He looked visibly upset when Natalie told him that she had the visa and would be landing in the United States soon. Throughout the season, he showed zero emotions and feelings towards his fiancee. He was always uninterested in Natalie and didn’t even give her the engagement ring until the last moment. Fast forward to the latest episode of 90 day fiancé, the Ukrainian beauty left Mike’s house because her wedding was canceled. While speaking to the camera, Natalie revealed that she will be returning to her home country.

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A fan was inspired by this shipwreck couple and conceptualized their story in a painting. The fan drew a close-up of Natalie’s face and then outlined Mike’s three different facial expressions. It’s great to see that the cartoonist captured Natalie’s makeup so well, which included her sassy eyeliner and red lipstick. Even Mike’s bored expressions and constant shrugs are perfectly captured. Look at the image shared by the artist, @sketchinginplace, Where IG:

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Many 90 day fiancé fans are stunned to see this work of art. They commented things like “It looks exactly like the cover of a giallo or a psychedelic thriller from the seventies and eighties. Y “The artist perfectly captured Mike’s frustration.“A fan suggested that the artist now just needed to add a”Bluetooth earphone“To Mike for completing this sketch. After seeing the incredible talent of the fans, another viewer on Reddit demanded a drawing of Ryan’s ex-fiancée Stephanie.

At the moment, it appears that Natalie and Mike are not getting married. But, some of the rumors suggest that they got married. A few days ago, a fan page also shared their alleged marriage certificate on social media, indicating that they walked down the aisle on April 15, 2020. If they really got married, then the next episode of 90 day fiancé it would be very interesting to see. It would show how this TLC couple overcame their problems in such a short time and finally decided to take the plunge.

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Source: @sketchinginplace, Reddit

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