There is no denying that Oliver Queen aka Arrow has many similarities to Bruce Wayne. Like Bruce, Oliver is also a rich playboy who chooses to fight crime. The two have also fought the same villains as Deathstroke and Ra’s Al Ghul. In that sense, it is surprising that the Caped Crusader never appears in Star City during the eight seasons of the CW series.

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However, Oliver has done a lot to differentiate himself, thus making himself very likable and unique in the eyes of the fans. But no hero is complete without close companions and friends. Oliver is no different. He has interacted with many people who qualify as heroes like him and those whose antagonism knows no bounds.

10 Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke

Manu Bennet as Deathstroke in Arrow

The former member of Australia’s Secret Intelligence Service and mastermind of the Church of Blood, he has established himself as one of the Arrowverse’s greatest villains. He teaches Oliver all the skills he knows, but his personality changes completely after he is injected with the Mirakuru.

He dedicates his life to avenging Shado’s death and, after discovering that Oliver participated in it, sets out to destroy him. While Slade is a good fighter, he is reckless and tends to act without thinking. These traits lead him to cause excessive harm to innocent people.

9 Adrian Chase aka Prometheus

Arrow Season 8 Adrian Chase The Hood

There’s little to love about the new Star City DA. Help Oliver Queen eradicate crime, but behind the scenes, he hates the man. Take on the personality of Prometheus and start killing innocent people with shurikens and arrows.

Since he wants Oliver for himself, he takes out anyone else who is eager to hunt down the hero, including crime lord Tobias Church. Adrain frames Quentin Lance, manipulates Evelyn Sharp into turning against Oliver, and sets up Billy Malone for Oliver to accidentally murder him.

8 Malcolm Merlyn aka Dark Archer

Malcom Merlyn Arrow Dark Archer

It’s hard to be a fan-favorite character when you’re part of questionable organizations like League of Doom. As the skilled Dark Archer, Malcolm is driven by a thirst for revenge. He develops a “God Complex” and believes in killing as many people as possible to achieve what he believes to be the highest good.

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Malcolm’s impulsiveness has resulted in the loss of innocent lives on more than one occasion. It was later revealed that the man Malcolm killed to avenge the death of his wife Rebecca was not the real culprit. The culprit was Danny Brickwell. Malcolm’s reign as Ra’s Al Ghul isn’t impressive either.

7 Thea Queen, aka Speedy

Thea often tries to be good, but has made many questionable decisions. She frames Susan Williams for plagiarism to ruin her job as a reporter. Thea does this because Susan is trying to expose the Green Arrow’s secret identity from her half brother Oliver. His actions ruin Susan’s reputation and cause her to lose her job.

Unsurprisingly, Oliver is unhappy with his actions because he doesn’t believe in doing the wrong thing for the right reason. Thea is also a hypocrite. He criticizes Malcolm for endangering William’s life, but he also threatened Nora. She also leaves Team Arrow when they need her most.

6 Tommy merlyn

Perhaps the most important thing that paints Tommy Merlyn in a negative light among viewers is the fact that he abandons Oliver when he discovers that he is the Green Arrow. He also becomes jealous after realizing that Laurel loves Oliver more than him.

Other than that, he is generally good friends with Oliver. When Oliver is still missing, Tommy is more than willing to fly to Hong Kong to find him. When Oliver returns, he cheers him on and tries to make him have as much fun as possible. He later proves to be a capable boss while running Verdant. Not forgetting that he keeps Oliver’s vigilante identity a secret.

5 Felicity Smoak aka Overwatch

Felicity Smoak in Arrow

The former CEO of Palmer Technologies and founder of Smoak Technologies is to Oliver what Lois Lane is to Clark Kent. She is very brave as she was willing to investigate Moira Queen’s notebook, even though those who did it ended up dead. She is also more than willing to dive into all the dangerous tasks that Oliver pushes her on.

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Felicity also uses her computer skills to update Arrowcave’s computer system and helps him cover his tracks. Another thing that makes Felicity admirable is her penchant for using humor even in the darkest of situations. She also stands her ground, no matter what type of bets are present.

4 Lance Quentin

In the early days of the series, the mayor and the former police officer are obnoxious. This is due to various things, such as his arrogance as a police officer. He likes to break into houses without a warrant. He also has a deep hatred for The Hood (Oliver Queen). He finally comes to understand that what Oliver is doing is the best for the city, so he becomes his friend.

Even after being demoted for working with Arrow, he still continues to do so. And despite initially being difficult with his own family and sinking into alcoholism, he dusts himself off and works to become a better man.

3 Black canary

Caity Lotz The Canary Season 2 Arrow

Starling City owes a lot to Laurel Lance, also known as Black Canary. She starts out as a hard-working attorney maneuvering the city’s tough justice corridors and making sure the innocent are treated fairly. She is always ready to help, like when Oliver and Tommy are going to be mugged at the Poison nightclub.

After Sara’s death, she tries to get Oliver to train her as a vigilante. He refuses, but she turns to Ted Grant, who does what he wants. She still joins Team Arrow late and helps stop many crimes.

two John Diggle aka Spartan

Being Oliver’s best friend is guaranteed to make you attractive to everyone. Diggle even has Oliver as his best man during his wedding to Lyla. But that’s not the only admirable thing about him. He’s wise, even more so than Oliver. He often shows Oliver the right path whenever his impulsiveness leads him astray.

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Although he tends to hold a grudge against people who have hurt him, John is always more than willing to forgive when the time is right. Like the friends, he has clashed with Oliver a few times, but the two always make up for each other.

1 Oliver Queen

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen on Arrow

Oliver is the true definition of self-improvement. Early in his life, he is a carefree playboy who cares for nothing more than his own hedonism. After Lian Yu’s experience, he undergoes a transformation.

After 5 years, he returns to his city and decides to become a vigilante. He hasn’t looked back since. And it is not just his city that he has saved. Oliver has teamed up with other heroes like Supergirl, Superman, The Flash, and Black Lightning to save the world. If it weren’t for him, the Anti-Monitor crisis would not have been resolved.

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