Batman: Dying is Easy is a psychological remix of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s Batman: The Killing Joke that fans will never see on the big screen.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Batman: Dying is Easy, which is now streaming on YouTube.

It’s no secret that Batman: The Killing Joke is one of the most revered graphic novels of all time, influencing many comic books, cartoons, animated films, and video games containing Batman and Joker. Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s 1988 one-shot sank deep into the dark recesses of the clown’s mind as he tried to drive Jim Gordon crazy, all while the Bat was searching for them. Now, although this book has not been adapted into a live action movie, the Bat in the Sun fan movie, Batman: dying is easy, is a psychological remix of history.

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Things like Gotham Titans, Batwoman and even Birds of prey take note of what happened in The Killing Joke, but Dying is easy He uses it as a catalyst for the Joker to break Batman’s mind. In Moore’s story, Joker escaped from Arkham, assaulted Barb, and kidnapped Jim. Then, at the amusement park, he showed the commissioner the photos he took of his daughter during the attack, which infuriated the Dark Knight.

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Joker did this to entice Batman and annoy him by reminding him that all it takes is “a bad day”, prompting the vigilante to break his only rule. In, Dying is easy However, the assault reappears when Batman visits Arkham to meet a dying Joker. The clown is trying to get Bruce to kill him again, taunting the hero about how he murdered Robin before showing him photos of his “favorite redhead.” And the way he graphically describes it, especially the “lavender” smell of his hair, irritates the Dark Knight to the point where he grabs Joker and tries to strangle him.

Seeing one of the images come to life is when Bruce’s psyche is dented, which says a lot, especially since he faked Joker’s terminal illness to leak information about missing cops. However, this scene rips him apart because he still feels guilty, provoking exactly what the clown Moore wanted.

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Instead of Jim, it’s Batman being mentally tortured, and the way he strangles Joker clearly agrees with Moore’s ending. In The Killing Joke, Batman grabbed Joker by the neck, and as the rain fell, it seemed like the clown stopped laughing because Bruce strangled him to death in a conclusion that people still debate to this day.

Dying is easy he’s clearly promoting this story, especially with Joker’s tirade about that “bad day.” But luckily, Bruce doesn’t fall into the same trap as his comedic counterpart when he gets the information he needs, telling the clown that the joke is on him because he has found ways to deal with his distress.

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