Nicole and Victor filmed their gender reveal video in Florida. With the help of ice cream and whipped cream, they revealed that they are having a baby boy.

Just a week after getting married, Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo have announced the gender of their baby. the Older brother alum will have a baby this summer. The two announced they were expecting their first child together in January after they had to postpone their wedding for the third time due to the pandemic. Nicole and Victor finally tied the knot last week in Florida, which is where they filmed their gender reveal video.

They attended their wedding companions Older brother alumnus Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett, as well as Josh Martinez. Nicole and Victor had originally planned to have a destination wedding; however, due to the pandemic, the complex continued to be closed, forcing them to be postponed. Ultimately, they decided to change locations in an effort to move forward with their wedding plans. The newlyweds received a lot of criticism after their big day. Nicole was criticized for having a maskless wedding while pregnant.

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Nicole and Victor will soon add a baby to their family. Nicole shared a video of her gender reveal on Instagram Monday night. In her last pregnancy update before leaving for her wedding, Nicole informed her fans that she would be filming the gender reveal while in Florida. Shortly after arriving home, she posted a final poll on her Instagram story, allowing fans to guess the baby’s gender. The results were 37% boys and 63% girls. Most ended up losing. For the big day, Nicole wore a light pink sundress, while Victor wore blue shorts, a navy blue shirt, and a blue baseball cap. Victor seemed to have expected it to be a boy. He commented on the post “Call it!!

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While in Florida, Nicole and Victor along with their friends and family gathered in front of a pink ice cream truck to learn the gender of their first baby. The worker handed the newlyweds a bowl of blue and pink ice cream, as well as a jar of black whipped cream. Victor gave everyone one last guess, asking “Boy or girl?“An overwhelming majority of the group yelled boy. When Nicole went to put whipped cream on the ice cream, she revealed that they were going to have a boy since it was dyed blue. Both Nicole and Victor screamed with joy before playfully tossing the blue shake. Cream. one over the other.

Nicole is having her baby this summer. Now that she and Victor are home from their wedding vacation, they have gone back to filming episodes for their podcast. Nicole asked fans to submit questions about her wedding and the gender reveal to be discussed in the next episode. Perhaps Nicole will address the hatred she received from her peers. Older brother student Angela “Rockstar” regarding her non-diverse bridal party.

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