Originally slated to be the first black superhero to star in her own solo series, Vixen’s series was one of 24 series to be canceled on “DC Implosion.” Although he has mainly appeared in team comics such as League of Justice Since then, he has had many one-shots and several solo jobs since his debut. Born Mari McCabe, Vixen is a Zambesi supermodel who fled to the United States after the death of her parents.

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Wielding the Tantu Totem, also known as the Anansi Amulet, Vixen can access the morphogenetic field of the Earth, granting her the powers and abilities of animals (also known as “The Red”). Even without her amulet, Vixen has shown a strong enough connection to The Red that she hasn’t always needed it. Combined with her proficiency in hand-to-hand combat and her abilities as a quick-thinking strategist, she’s a tough opponent to beat.

10 Vixen vs. Spider bite

Vixen harnessing the powers of a dolphin

During DC’s Rebirth event, Vixen’s life and origins prior to becoming part of the Justice League were slightly altered. Not only was she a supermodel, but she had also made a name for herself as a reality star, philanthropist, and animal rights activist. During an interview with a celebrity, Mari confronted a girl named Charlotte Frank, someone who had enrolled in one of the after-school enrichment programs that Mari had founded and funded.

Charlotte claimed that Mari was not as involved in the show as her fans were led to believe, speaking through tears about how her mother had been missing for weeks, and Mari had not responded to her messages asking for help. Harnessing the powers of her amulet for the first time, Mari was able to track down the location of Frank’s mother, confronting a man who called himself Spiderbite. Although he tried to overwhelm her with spiders, she used the powers of an elephant to scare them off and dispatched Spiderbite rather quickly.

9 Vixen vs. Solomon grundy

Solomon Grundy holding Vixen in the air

Appearing in the direct sequel to 2001 League of Justice series, Vixen was one of many members added to the organization in Justice League: Unlimited. In this iteration, Vixen was also a partner with Green Lantern (John Stewart) following the resignation of Hawkgirl (Shayera Hol) from the League in the wake of the Thanagarian Invasion.

In his first full appearance in “Wake the Dead,” he accompanies Lantern to confront the newly resurrected Solomon Grundy, who had been accidentally brought back to life by three student experimenters. Quickly proving that she was a capable member of the League, Vixen used her strength to overwhelm Grundy and bury him in rubble, for a time.

8 Vixen vs. Mustapha maksai

Vixen pounding the ox form of Maksai

Over the years, Vixen has had many enemies who tried to steal the Tantum Totem for themselves, especially even her own family. Perhaps one of his best-known villains was his own uncle, Mustapha Maksai, who staged a coup against Vixen’s father, Richard Jiwe, thereby conquering the country of Zambesi.

In Justice League of America (Vol 1) # 239, Maksai kidnapped and threatened to kill Mother Widom, a citizen who had openly supported the League. Maksai demanded that Vixen be brought to him, and after a brief altercation with Aquaman, Vixen moved to confront him. To save Widom’s life, Vixen gave up the totem, only for Maksai to transform into a wild ox beast. Out-maneuvering, Vixen retrieved the Totem and slammed it against a pile of ragged glass, avenging her father.

7 Vixen vs. Shayera Hol (Hawkgirl)

Vixen restraining Shayera

After Mari’s first appearance at JLU, Shayera Hol was reinstated as a full-time member of the Justice League, as she was the only person capable of humiliating Solomon Grundy. There was a great deal of tension between Mari and Shayera at first, due to both of them having romantic feelings for John Stewart. Although they eventually resolved a friendly rivalry for her affections, their newly founded competition had a slight increase in speed.

The supervillain Roulette began using mind control technology to hypnotize and subdue various female superheroes, including Black Canary, Fire, Vixen, Shayera, and Wonder Woman, and pitted them against each other in stylized wrestling matches. Huntress discovered the plot and freed Black Canary, who helped free Vixen’s mind. Vixen took on the task of taking Shayera down, and despite the opportunity to be as hurtful as Shayera was being (albeit mind controlled), Vixen kept her cool and took her down.

6 Vixen vs. Huntress

Vixen stopping the hit from Huntress

Aside from the Justice League, Vixen has also worked with Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey, though the former was just out of necessity. Some of the Birds of Prey were once members of the Justice League, so it’s easy to see how well he would get along with them.

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On one of her missions for them, Vixen moved to investigate a “cult of superheroes”, though contact quickly became limited. When Huntress infiltrated the cult’s hideout, it quickly became clear why. Vixen had been brainwashed and, in the process, had lost some degree of control over her powers. Because of this, the instincts of the animals she was mimicking often overwhelmed her, nearly killing Huntress and showing just how tough a fighter she could be if pressured.

5 Vixen vs. Bowl

Vixen confronting her sister Kausa

Before Vixen made her live debut on Arrow (and later in Legends of tomorrow), starred in his own solo animated web series. The series is set in the “Arrowverse” and served to establish its backstory and the history of its powers. Follow Vixen as she searches for her parents, unlocking her abilities in the process.

Vixen eventually meets her long-lost sister, Kausa, who actively attempted to earn the Anansi Amulet, having been entrusted as her guardian. Kausa believed that handling it was her birthright, but the spirits of the Amulet had chosen Vixen as her successor. Even without her powers, Vixen was able to plan her attacks and strategize to take down her sister, serving the link between the Amulet and Kausa in the same way that Kausa had served Vixen’s own connection to him.

4 Vixen vs. Aku kwesi

Vixen clawing at Kwesi's abdomen

Originally just a poacher, Aku Kwesi eventually became a feared warlord on Zambesi. When he was starting out, he murdered Mari’s mother in cold blood. Kwesi’s status was relatively unknown for most of Mari’s adult life, but when it resurfaced after the Justice League found evidence that Intergang was sending weapons to Zambesi, it was also confirmed that Kwesi was alive. In their first confrontation together, Kwesi surprised Vixen by seemingly demonstrating her own powers, seriously injuring her.

Fleeing towards the Zambesi Desert, Vixen eventually regained her strength and began investigating the connections between Kwesi and Intergang. He discovered that Kwesi had no powers of his own and that his abilities were the result of advanced chemicals and technology. After defeating the majority of Intergang in Zambesi, Vixen challenged Kwesi to a rematch, exposing him in front of his village and ending his reign of terror.

3 Vixen vs. Havok

Vixen punching Havok in the face

Once the crown prince of Kravia, Havok was exiled from his family due to a blood clotting disorder. Selling his soul to the Queen of Fables, Havok received a new body, one with metal skin purged of its clutter. He quickly became the greatest and most feared supervillain on the planet Angor. Although he wanted to conquer Angor, his actions ended up destroying him.

Uniting a group known as “The Extremists”, they traveled to DC’s First Earth, intending to conquer and unite the planet (and many more) under the banner of Havok. With her nearly indestructible skin, even the combined efforts of Batman, Vixen, Lobo, and Black Canary didn’t seem to make a dent. However, Vixen had been slowly poisoning Havok throughout the fight, eventually leading to his defeat.

two Vixen vs. Superman

Vixen fighting like an armored beetle hitting Superman

When Vixen returned to Zambesi to confront Kwesi, the Justice League initially did not follow her. However, after her communicator was activated by a curious monkey chewing on it, several members traveled to Zambesi to find her. During their own investigation, both Superman and Black Canary were poisoned with a modified version of the zombie poison Vodun, placing them under the control of Intergang.

When Vixen arrived on the scene, she held off Superman to give Batman enough time to break the mind control device. Absorbing his blows and delivering some of hers, Vixen then administered the antinode she had made before arriving, saving her team and Clark himself.

1 Vixen vs. Anansi


Mari’s powers have not always been limited to mimicking animals, and she once struggled with a change in her abilities that caused her to absorb and drain the powers of those around her, namely Geo-Force, Flash, Black Lightning, and Superman Zatanna tried to discover the source of the problem with her magic, but was repelled by a power far greater than she had ever encountered. Animal Man had also been similarly affected for unknown reasons, and when Vixen went to talk to him about the change, the two of them were brought to the Anansi amulet.

Inside the Totem, Anansi himself revealed that he was responsible for the change in his powers, wanting to put them to the test. Anansi later modified their stories so that they never started the JLA. Vixen escaped and gathered allies to confront the Trickster God, but they were overwhelmed. With no other alternative, Vixen pointed a weapon at the Amulet, the destruction of which would have ended everything, forcing Anansi to return things to normal.

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