For many years, Dragon Ball GT was seen as the last installment of the Dragon Ball franchise. While its place in continuity has gone from questionable to strictly non-canon thanks to Dragon ball super, many still see GT as a serious attempt to end the saga of Goku and his allies.

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While GT It works as a definitive ending (even a “what if”), the series actually left quite a few things unsolved. Some were deliberately left unanswered or open to interpretation, while others are questions whose answers could clarify certain events that occurred in the series.

10 Where did Drs Gero and Myuu find the parts to build a second Android 17? And how did they make it go unnoticed?

Doctors Myuu and Gero, and Hell Fighter 17 in Dragon Ball GT

The Android 17 that Doctor Gero and Baby’s creation, Doctor Myuu, invented together, had incredible capabilities, such as being able to communicate and control the original Android 17 from great distances, as well as merge with its predecessor in the ultra-powerful Super 17.

However, one question remains: how did Gero and Myuu pull it off? They certainly have the capacity, but they would have needed to acquire a considerable amount of technological equipment without being detected. Perhaps they managed to secretly steal components from the various machines used by King Yemma’s ogres? It is also not clear as they built “Hell Fighter 17” without the ogres noticing.

9 Do all AI robots keep their bodies in the afterlife?

Dr. Myuu and General Rilldo

At Dragon Ball manga, keeping one’s body in the afterlife was a rare honor bestowed mainly on noble fighters, although the Dragon Ball Z The anime expanded that privilege to villains. Only organic beings seemed to end up in Another World, including Cell, being a Bio-Android.

The Super 17 Saga, however, depicted fully robotic beings like Dr. Myuu as residents of the afterlife. While some might speculate that Myuu and Dr. Gero rebuilt Android 19, Major Metallitron, and General Rilldo, this was later disproved when they reappeared in Another World immediately after the destruction. Similarly, Gero retained his robot body in the afterlife, despite being originally human.

8 Why the hell does it look so different in GT?

Hell (or HFIL) in Dragon Ball GT

From Dragon Ball Z The concept of hell varied a bit throughout the series, but it had areas that were surprisingly pleasant, with pink skies, yellow clouds, and lush greenery. the Resurrection ‘F’ Later, the movie established that the planets had their specific hells, with Earth being quite expansive and made up of many different landscapes (including one populated by dancing fairies and teddy bears).

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Dragon Ball GTHowever, it portrayed an inferno that greatly resembled other versions, with ominous purple skies, jagged rocks everywhere, and tundra below. It was never revealed if it was meant to be a changed hell or just a different part of the realm.

7 Does excessive use of Porunga and Ultimate Shenron also unleash evil dragons? And how they are?

Anime Dragon Ball GT Shadow Dragons

For GT’s In the final saga, Earth’s Dragon Balls had been used so frequently in just a few decades that the negative energy from each wish had accumulated without having time to dissipate. Consequently, Shenron was replaced by Black Smoke Shenron, who then unleashed seven smaller but extremely powerful Shenrons around Earth.

The phenomenon was never said to be exclusive to Earth Dragon Balls, suggesting that asking too many wishes too early from Porunga and even Ultimate Shenron (the dragon from the Black Star Dragon Balls) could also summon evil dragons. Both dragons are stronger than Shenron, which means that their evil counterparts could also be more powerful.

6 Did Gero also intend for Android 18 to be stronger, like Android 17?

Android 18 and Brown in Dragon Ball GT

While toasting Dr. Myuu, Dr. Gero revealed that the original Android 17 was supposed to be even stronger than Cell, but his residual human feelings and resentment over being turned into a cyborg prevented him from accessing his full power. .

Since Gero turned 17’s sister Android 18 into a cyborg through the exact same process, could 18 also have a latent power held back by the traces of humanity they left in her psyche? Since 18 is an Android from Infinite Energy like its brother, it already makes sense that it has access to some great power. She also harbored the same dislike for Gero that 17 possessed.

5 Did Pan learn Super Saiyan transformations during GT’s massive time jump?

Dragon Ball GT Pan Absorbed Energy Attack Old Trio Header

Though fans have a bone to choose from Dragon Ball GT In general, when it comes to how other characters were repeatedly overshadowed by Goku, many have a particular problem with how that affected Pan. Although he was a powerful and skilled martial artist with Saiyan blood, Pan never advanced much in the fight. GT, not even reaching the first level of Super Saiyan.

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If Pan had continued training even for part of GT’s Leap of a century, however, it is very likely that he had begun to unlock the Super Saiyan forms. Still GT He never confirmed if Pan made it through, or even if she had remained a fighter.

4 Did Goku manage to get Piccolo out of hell?

Piccolo in Dragon Ball GT

Heroic sacrifices were Piccolo’s specialty in Dragon Ball GT. When the Earth exploded at the end of Baby Saga, Piccolo decided to let the explosion take his life so that the Black Star Dragon Balls would never endanger a planet again. Later, he deliberately had himself expelled from heaven so that he could help Goku escape from hell.

While Piccolo was successful, he was unable to get out of Hell on his own. In GT’s In the last episode, however, Goku visited Piccolo and promised to find a way to free him. However, shortly after, the story leapt into the distant future, never revealing whether Goku managed to keep his word.

3 How did the Dragon Balls of Earth resurrect Krillin a second time?

The last wish Shenron granted was to resurrect all the dead thanks to the corruption of the Dragon Balls. The wish restored not only the victims of the Shadow Dragons, but also all the slain Super 17s and villains of Hell, as the corruption of the Dragon Balls had facilitated their presence on Earth.

As it did Krillin come back, however? Earth Dragon Balls can only revive a person once, and Krillin had been killed in the past, that is, by Tambourine. Perhaps Shenron resurrected him again by combining the three wishes he usually grants into one; What Dragon Ball Z Proven, certain requests, such as resurrecting many people, consume multiple wishes.

two Where did Shenron and Goku go?

Goku leaves with Shenron in Dragon Ball GT

When the Shadow Dragons were defeated, the classic version of Shenron returned, appearing for the first time without being summoned. Shenron explained that the Dragon Balls had been overused and that he could no longer allow anyone to make any more wishes in the near future. After granting Goku one last wish, the dragon left with the aging Saiyan to embark on his next journey.

While GT showed Shenron and a revived Goku visiting many of the latter’s friends, their final destination was never revealed. Since Goku could have been dead, maybe they went to an invisible part of the Otherworld.

1 Was Goku dead or alive when GT ended?

By far one of the biggest questions the series came up with was whether Goku had survived his battle against Omega Shenron. Although he seemed alive and no halo had appeared above his head, several of his allies noted that something was different about him.

The ambiguity was a deliberate choice of Dragon Ball GT’s creators, with series writer Atsushi Maekawa suggesting that Goku’s possible “death” occurred when he prevented Omega Shenron’s energy ball from destroying Earth. Goku’s body ends up hundreds of feet underground, like in a grave, and his friends believe him dead until he resurfaces, carrying the Universal Spirit Bomb.

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