Meredith Grey’s Seattle home on Queen Hill has been a recurring location in Grey’s Anatomy from the first season. Meredith inherits the house from her mother Ellis and spends most of her professional life there. Given how often she appears, it may seem like Meredith has never lived anywhere else. However, he spends some years of his adult life in “The House of Dreams”.

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After moving out of the house with her mother Ellis, Meredith returns years after landing an internship in Seattle. Considering the amount of screen time you get, your audience may feel like they know everything about the house. However, given that it has been on screen for almost two decades, chances are a thing or two have been missed about it.

10 Brands in various locations

Enthusiastic onlookers will notice the markings in various places around the house. On the ceiling, there are marks from a Christmas tree that Izzie got during Meredith’s internship year. There are also marks on the ground that are the result of a party that Izzie once threw.

Scratches can also be seen on each side of the door jamb. These are all height marks that were used to track Zola and Meredith’s growth progress when they were little. All of these details are revealed when Alex complains about the condition of Meredith’s house in season 9. Meredith lets him know that nothing will change.

9 It is one of three locations that appear in each season.

Exterior of Meredith's house in Grey's Anatomy

Numerous venues have featured on the show. Some of the most notable have been the SFD 19 station, the hospital, and the Klausman Institute for Medical Research.

Out of all the locations, only three locations have appeared in each season of the medical drama. These are Meredith’s house on Queen Ann Hill, the hospital, and the Emerald City bar, which is often frequented by doctors because it is across the street from the hospital.

8 Conflicting addresses

Meredith helps children do homework inside her home

It’s been mentioned a couple of times on the show that the address is 613 Harper Lane. However, when Alex checks Ellis Grey’s patient record on Season 11’s “Got To Be Real,” the address appears as 22 State St, 98103. As many fans know, Ellis had always lived in that house when he was staying in Seattle.

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For long programs like this, it is normal for such continuity errors to occur. And according to Google Maps, the address used in the exterior shots of the house is 303 Comstock St., Seattle.

7 House rules

Meredith puts a roommate notice on the hospital dashboard

Meredith hates living alone so much that she once posted a notice on the hospital notice board stating that she was looking for roommates. The notice can be seen in the second episode of the first season.

In the notice, he stated the rules that roommates must follow. One of the rules prohibits roommates from keeping pets. There is also a rule against smoking, which is understandable, considering the fact that Meredith is a healthcare professional. If fans take a closer look, they would see “George Bush Supporters Not Allowed.”

6 The rocking chair that doesn’t rock

Meredith's father Thatcher Gray knows his daughter's house

According to Thatcher, the rocking chair at the front of the house stays still because she had driven a nail into it. He did this to keep Meredith from hurting her fingers.

This detail comes up after Thatcher and his wife visit Meredith in the hospital in “Scar’s & Souvenirs” from season 3. Meredith tries to hide from him at first, but then agrees to have dinner with him and join. When Meredith tells him the chair isn’t rocking, he walks over and pulls the nail out. Then he begins to sway, much to Meredith’s delight.

5 Almost everyone has visited

Meredith accompanies Teddy on Grey's Anatomy

Since she is popular with her friends and colleagues, Meredith tends to receive a lot of frequent visits. Most of the main characters, from Mark Sloan to Miranda to Preston Burke, have stopped by Meredith’s house at some point to catch up or discuss an important matter.

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However, not all visitors have had Meredith as their agenda, some of the visitors have come to see the other inhabitants of the house. So far, only two of the main characters have not set foot in the house. These are Erica and Addison.

4 Long list of tenants and roommates

Meredith Gray stares at a visitor on Grey's Anatomy

Several of the show’s characters have lived in the house at some point. A total of 26 characters have lived in the apartment during the run of the series, including Meredith.

Meredith’s grandmother was the original owner of the house. It is said that he lived in the house for years before the start of the series. Meredith’s grandmother left the home to Ellis, who, in turn, gave it to the star doctor after she began living at the Roseridge Home for Extended Care.

3 Important events in the house

Three major events have occurred at Meredith’s home. In “With You I Was Born Again” from season 7, Cristina and Owen’s wedding ceremony takes place inside the house.

In season 8’s “Suddenly”, the show’s favorite couple, Meredith and Derek, have a party to celebrate the fact that they have been awarded full custody of Baby Zola. April and Jackson’s baby girl, Harriet Kepner-Avery, is also born in the house. The house has played a key role in everyone’s life.

two Lexie hasn’t been lucky enough to have a comfortable place to sleep

Lexie in the attic of Meredith's house

Lexie has never had the most desirable living arrangements. He first sleeps in the living room of Meredith’s house before moving in. While living in the Crapartment, he even tries to steal items from the hospital to make it more homey and impress George. However, George feels that he looks bad.

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Later, Mark advises Derek to take a lonely Lexie home to live with him and Meredith. There, he is given the attic space where he is accommodated.

1 Cristina’s special privileges

Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) in

Being the best friend of Meredith has its privileges. Cristina Yang is the only person who has had a key to access the house at any time before living in it.

All of Meredith’s other friends or associates who weren’t regular have had to ring the bell or call ahead to indicate they’d be visiting. Thanks to her special privilege, Cristina spends a few random nights in the house before finally moving in.

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