While Marvel had always made time-jumping stories, Marvel 2099 was a much more ambitious footprint that spanned the universe and featured some great arcs.

The Marvel Universe is filled with endless different versions of classic heroes that everyone knows and loves. These universes can be simple recounts with a slight difference from the original, or present a future that is a consequence of inherited mainline heroes that everyone is familiar with.

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One of those worlds is a possible future now categorized as Earth-928, or better known as Marvel 2099, which is the original title that the comics of this universe went through. This line of futuristic comics featured some of the most entertaining Marvel stories of its time. The same goes for the more recent Marvel 2099 stories.

10 Venom 2099 has the story of a classic villain

poison 2099

Kron Stone is one of the 2099 characters with a simpler story, but still great. He is Miguel O’Hara’s older brother and loves to hurt and torture others, which even led to Miguel once trying to kill him.

Stone was brutalized in an act of revenge by the Punisher of that time and in his dying breath he bonded with an evolved form of the Symbiote, living to torture Miguel another day.

9 The new Steve Rogers stars in a story of betrayal

captain america 2099

Steve Rogers is a man no one would expect to turn evil from, which is why the 2099 version was so unexpected. This Cap became president and enacted a plan to kill all American heroes, killing many from the 2099 universe.

What was thought to be Steve actually ended up being an impersonator of the Captain and thankfully he was brought down in an act of revenge by Doctor Doom, who saved the nation.

8 The Punisher Of 2099 stars in a great story of hero turned villain

punisher 2099

The Punisher of 2099 was once a member of the Public Eye Police Force as well as the Church of Thor until his wife and son left him and he lost his mother, brother, and sister-in-law to the killer Kron Stone.

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After a life as a vigilante similar to the original Punisher, Jake became a corrupt enforcer and head of the new police force under Doctor Doom’s administration, calling himself the Minister of Punishment.

7 The X-Men of the future have fun reunited inspired by the originals

xmen 2099

The X-Men of 2099 were the fourth incarnation of the classic team and were formed by the mutant Shakti Haddad, assembling a collection of powerful mutants.

Each of these mutants was brought together by Xi-an Chi Xan, also known as the Desert Ghost, after he had a vision of a mutant paradise. He modeled this outfit after 20th century Charles Xavier.

6 Ghost Rider 2099 has an incredible cyberpunk story

ghost rider 2099

Everybody is used to the classic Ghost Rider The story of a hero who sells his soul to Mephisto himself to be granted a wish and become his Spirit of Vengeance, but the 2099 version is very different.

Kenshiro dies after taking poison and running from the killers to hide a secret file. Before dying, he puts his mind in cyberspace and is imbued with a rogue AI called “Ghostworks”, which is rebuilt as Ghost Rider with the aim of ending the evil corporations that hurt the little one from the future cyberpunk.

5 Alea Bell has a funny story behind getting her symbiote

alea bell poison

As a child, Alea Bell was chosen to be the test subject of an experiment by the evil corporation that basically rules the future: Alchemax.

During this experiment, he had visions of Knull and his inauguration. Soon enough, Alea discovered that the experiments infused her with a piece of Venom symbiote.

4 Hulk 2099 presents a great future of Hulk myths

Hulk 2099

Hulk 2099 has what is possibly one of the funniest new re-imaginations of the Hulk of all time. It stars John Eisenhart, who is an investigator for a worship cult based on Bruce Banner and the original Hulk.

Eisner reports them to the police after they fail to sell him a story about them and ends up joining them after feeling guilty. He is caught in a gamma blast through one of the knights who tries to kill them all and becomes what the group adored, a new Hulk.

3 Daredevil 2099 is an incredible new version of the classic hero

reckless 2099

Daredevil 2099 is one of the greatest tales of irony in Marvel history as Samuel Fisk, Wilson Fisk’s grandson, goes from Kingpin of Crime as his grandfather to a new age Daredevil.

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It may have become the family business, but you felt guilty about your past exploits. He atones for his family’s crimes and takes the mask of the family’s enemy, Daredevil, fighting crime himself.

two Doctor Doom has one of the most memorable stories

doom 2099

Doctor Doom returns in a story of him finally achieving his goal of saving the world from himself by becoming its sole ruler.

Doom of our timeline was almost destroyed and after being regenerated and aged, it reawakened in 2099, taking over the world in full force after solving its own mysteries about its rebirth.

1 Spider-Man 2099 is the definitive story of 2099

spider man 2099

Y’all know that Spider-Man 2099 by the legendary Peter David is the definitive story of the classic line of the 90s era, being the only character from 2099 that really resurfaces today.

The story stars Miguel O’Hara, who is originally a rich and pompous kid until the forced alteration of his DNA is sabotaged, infusing his body with 50% spider DNA. Now he is chased by Alchemax and Tyler Stone and begins to learn the same lessons as Peter Parker before him.

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