Just like in the real world, those born into powerful families and clans are given abilities and have rare opportunities and privileges for almost all other shinobi. Naruto It contains numerous clans that are frequently found filling high-ranking roles, including Kage. His great reserves of chakra, Kekkei Genkai, and family history ensure his place among the greatest shinobi in the universe.

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However, on occasion, there are ninjas who rose above the default and despise their bloodlines, allowing their genius to speak for themselves. These shinobi do not come from established clans, but are blessed with natural talent and an inhuman work ethic. These ten refused to acknowledge the status quo and made great strides.

10 Could Guy recognize his strength from the start?

Might Guy is a ninja like no other. Not only was he not from a powerful clan, he was also lacking in talent, but none of this mattered. From an early age, Guy possessed a deep understanding of his strengths and weaknesses: discarding ninjutsu and genjutsu and focusing on physically dependent taijutsu.

Guy’s true talent was his attitude. He refused to give up even when something seemed impossible, trained his body to its peak, and was later recognized as the greatest taijutsu master in history. Despite his ordinary history, he became an extraordinary shinobi.

9 Kakashi Hatake mastered the Sharingan

The legend of Kakashi Hatake reached the four corners of the shinobi world. The prodigy possessed a talent that left the members of the largest clans green with envy. Upon graduating from the ninja academy at age 5, Kakashi achieved a long list of achievements, ending with him as the Sixth Hokage.

A true testament to his skill was his mastery of the Sharingan. Despite not being an Uchiha, Kakashi’s mastery of eye jutsu reached a level that only a few Uchiha have matched. This led to him being recognized by the great Madara Uchiha, who congratulated Kakashi on his skill with the Kekkei Genkai.

8 Orochimaru wished for all jutsu and almost succeeded

Naruto Orochimaru

The sadistic Sannin was recognized as a genius from a very young age. Under the tutelage of Hiruzen Sarutobi, Orochimaru became an amazing shinobi with a seemingly limitless arsenal of jutsu. Along with Jiraiya and Tsunade, Orochimaru was dubbed a hero for his actions in the Third Great Ninja War, but this would not be enough to satisfy the ambitious villain.

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Orochimaru desired all jutsu, and aware that this would take more than one lifetime, he focused his efforts on obtaining immortality through cruel experimentation. Although he rarely used his talents for good, his genius was undeniable.

7 Hiruzen Sarutobi mastered all the elements of nature

9 hiruzen sarutobi dying

At the beginning of Naruto Hiruzen was called the strongest Hokage in Konoha history and bestowed on him the title of ‘God of Shinobi’. However, these claims were not consistent, and his greatness was often overshadowed by that of the First Hokage.

However, this shouldn’t take away his recognition of just how great the Third Hokage was. Taught by Hashirama and Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen was one of the few ninjas who mastered the five elements of nature. Even in his old age, the Third prevented Orochimaru from destroying the leaf village, fighting his Edo Tensei before sealing Orochimaru’s arms.

6 Jiraiya became the master of some of the greatest ninja in history

Jiraya looked a lot like his student Naruto. Initially perceived as an average ninja, Jiraiya was overshadowed by his teammate Orochimaru, falling behind while Orochimaru effortlessly managed. But as all fans know, Jiraiya turned into a wonderful shinobi, recognized worldwide as a powerful member of the Hidden Leaf.

His muscular strength was used in conjunction with his keen intellect, and Jiraiya would often discern his opponent’s weakness in seconds. Perhaps his greatest achievement was his tutelage of Naruto, encouraging the savior to never give up.

5 Sakura Haruno surpassed Tsunade Senju


Often overshadowed by the other members of Team 7, Sakura possessed a rare talent for medical ninjutsu. In fact, under Tsunade’s guidance, Sakura would become the best medical ninja in the whole world. Naruto history.

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She used this talent to aid the Shinobi Alliance during the Fourth Great Ninja War, saving many lives in the process. But she didn’t just have a medical talent. Sakura possessed an inhuman strength that made her a formidable opponent. By the end of the series, Sakura had surpassed Lady Tsunade, and this qualified her for the position of Hokage.

4 Minato Namikaze’s talents helped him become the Hokage

Minato The Fourth Hokage In Naruto Anime

‘Yellow Flash’ of Konoha and the Fourth Hokage, Minato was the definition of a true genius. By achieving the highest scores in the history of the Ninja Academy, Minato would do great things. With Jiraiya as his sensei, the Hokage developed the Rasengan and perfected the Flying God Thunder Technique.

During the Third Great Ninja War, the enemy was given an order to ‘flee on sight’ if they came across Minato. His greatest achievement was saving the Hidden Leaf from the nine tails, dying a hero in the process.

3 Killer B overpowered his tailed beast

The Junchirki of the eight tails, Killer B, was one of the few shinobi capable of befriending and working with the beast that resides within him. Associated with Gyuki, Killer B defeated Kisame Hoshigaki, Sasuke Uchiha and held off two tailed beasts.

His talents were evident from a young age, being selected as the partner of the Fourth Raikage A, and he often carried out missions by himself, though the support of his beliefs was required. B was influential during the Great Ninja War, teaming up with Naruto to save thousands of shinobi.

two Rock Lee was recognized as a genius of taijutsu

9 Rock Lee challenges Kimimaro

Rock Lee is pretty much a carbon copy of Might Guy, in terms of looks and ability. Like his sensei, Rock Lee recognized early on that he lacked the talent for Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. Instead, he concentrated all his taijutsu efforts, and Kakashi recognized his genius for this during the Chuunin exams.

Lee could open six of the eight doors at a young age, while most shinobi cannot open one. As he grew older, he continued to hone his Taijutsu skills, assisting Naruto in his fight against Madara during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

1 Kabuto Yakushi possessed unmatched shinobi knowledge

Kabuto Yakushi Smiling Naruto

An underrated character, Kabuto went from being Orochimaru’s loyal companion to one of the strongest villains in the world. Naruto history. With Orochimaru as his master, Kabuto became a capable ninja, competing with Kakashi and taking out various members of Anbu.

However, it was after he left alone that Kabuto discovered his true power. Using his immense intellect and knowledge, Kabuto perfected the Edo Tensei jutsu, creating an army of powerful shinobi to support Madara during the war. By the end of the series, Kabuto had surpassed his predecessor.

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