A report from Bloomberg claims that Nintendo partnered with Nvidia on a new graphics chip for the Nintendo Switch Pro, which is reportedly due to launch this year.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Nintendo has partnered with Nvidia Corp. for a new graphics chipset that will power the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, a device that is supposed to be released at the end of the year. Rumors of a possible Nintendo Switch Pro have circulated for several months, although the hardware manufacturer remains silent regarding the existence of the device.

The patents indicate that the updated console may cause Nintendo to abandon the handheld approach. Meanwhile, data-minded details, insider information leaks, and a variety of other reports insist that the upgraded Switch model will feature a seven-inch OLED screen, a 4K chip, longer battery life, and a power system. improved cooling. Rumor has it that a bigger screen is also in the works for the Nintendo Switch Pro. And, more recently, conversations about dev kits finally getting into the hands of developers have circulated. While Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser previously stated that the speculation is without merit, incessant claims from reputable industry sources suggest otherwise.

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The latest development in the Switch Pro saga revolves around claims that Nintendo is aiming to adopt an updated 4K chipset from Nvidia that provides better processing power, higher graphics quality, higher memory, and an improved CPU. People familiar with the company’s operations reportedly Bloomberg The upgraded Switch SKU will feature Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) rendering technology. Such an addition ensures that the console can achieve 4K images when docked for gaming on a television.

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The Switch is Nintendo's second-best-selling console in US recorded history.

With DLSS taking center stage, games will require new code, though Bloomberg Sources, including game developers, predict that the technology will be used primarily to improve the graphical fidelity of future Nintendo Switch Pro releases. Neither Nintendo nor Nvidia were willing to comment on. From Bloomberg story, but the post spoke with analyst Matthew Kanterman, who speculates that the new Switch model could culminate in a price increase worth more than $ 100. Kanterman explained: “$ 349.99 will increase the value proposition of the device, but I still think that Nintendo can drive strong demand even to $ 399.99. “

Much of this seems to align with previous rumors about the device. However, as always, it is recommended to take all of the above with a grain of salt. At present, Nintendo has not even acknowledged that it plans to develop such a Switch model. But speculation about a 2021 holiday release indicates that if the Switch Pro it’s real, the hardware manufacturer won’t be able to remain silent for much longer.

Nintendo Switch hit the market four years ago in 2017 and it has proven to be quite a phenomenon. At the last count earlier in the year, the hybrid system had moved an estimated 74 million units worldwide, a figure that puts the Switch on track to surpass the PlayStation 4 in lifetime sales.

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Source: Bloomberg

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