Zack Snyder’s Justice League It may be a notable improvement over the theatrical release in 2017, but the film still fails one of its most vital characters: Lois Lane. the League of Justice Snyder Cut expands on the roles of various characters, including Cyborg and The Flash, but still relegates Lois to the background, a disappointing development considering her status as “the key” to Snyder’s broader DCEU setup.

When Snyder first introduced his version of Lois Lane with 2013 Iron Man, the Daily Planet reporter played a crucial role. His perspective prompted the early parts of the film, moving toward his investigation of a Kryptonian ship deep in the Canadian Arctic. Snyder’s Lois, played by acclaimed actress Amy Adams, has always been more than Superman’s love interest. In a sense, Lois is the first domino in the long chain of events that make up Snyder’s DCEU. Of course, Snyder has scoffed at an equally consequential role for Lois Lane in her League of Justice sequels, making the character’s diminished presence in Snyder Cut even more disappointing.

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The enigma surrounding Lois Lane and her role in Snyder’s DCEU is symptomatic of Snyder’s overall approach to writing. Your ambition may cause you to put character development on the back burner and instead organize characters in such a way as to prioritize narrative causality. For Snyder, the characters become pawns in his elaborate tapestry of ideas. In fact, Snyder’s ambition is what makes him so exciting as a filmmaker. That’s why fans have clamored for his vision fully realized through the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement for so many years. But now what Zack Snyder’s Justice League has finally arrived, it’s especially clear that Snyder’s narrative goals, while admirable, come at the expense of characters like Lois Lane.

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Representation of Lois in Man of Steel and Batman V Superman

Amy Adams as Lois Lane DCEU

Iron Man features a version of Lois Lane that is both innovative and familiar. Lois de Snyder is a uniquely independent journalist, someone who is willing to push the boundaries of her profession to achieve something special. Of course, he still works for the Daily Planet and therefore must answer to editor-in-chief Perry White (Laurence Fishburne). Lois’s ambition, perhaps representative of Snyder’s lofty goals as a filmmaker, plays a central role in Iron Man, and helps establish Lois Lane as a key cog in the advancement of the DCEU.

The emphasis on Lois’s relationship with her work is so strong that it often comes at the cost of her relationship with Clark Kent. Snyder consolidates their love for each other, but only for Clark to spring into action as Superman. Lois is quite prominent in Iron ManBut once he meets Clark and discovers his true nature, he operates more like a plot device than a full human. This dynamic reaches a critical point in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where Lois is a narrative afterthought until Lex Luthor takes her hostage, despite being one of the few people to follow Lex’s trail. Being rescued by Superman, Lois helps facilitate the infamous “Martha” moment, which Snyder improved upon with him. League of Justice Snyder cut. In both cases, however, Lois is distilled into narrative convenience. She is in the right place at the right time and thus can negotiate a peace between Batman and Superman. In fact, these moments solidify her as “the key” to solving some of the DCEU’s most existential conflicts, but they do little to develop her as a character.

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Lois’ story in Justice League 2017

For all the issues associated with Lois Lane’s presence in Snyder’s DCEU setup, the 2017 release of League of Justice marked a particular casualty for the character, which can now be safely attributed to the intervention of Joss Whedon. Whedon limits Lois to a few scenes in the stage version of League of Justice, with very little attention paid to the immense pain he must feel towards the late Superman, something that Snyder addresses but does not necessarily improve on his version. It’s worth noting that Zack Snyder originally envisioned a much bigger role for Lois, including a romantic subplot between her and Batman. He was forced to abandon the idea after Batman v. SupermanThe reception was mediocre, and she struggled to find a suitable role for Lois in the future.

Lois’s most notable moment in League of Justice comes during the duel between Batman and Superman, when Batman calls her to calm Superman and take him with her to Smallville. Lois’ diminished presence remains a concern, but this is the rare moment where she may have been better in the original. League of Justice. While Snyder’s version shows that Lois is simply in the right place at the right time, Batman acknowledges Lois’s importance in the original version and calls her accordingly. It’s a minor difference that doesn’t yet address Lois Lane’s lack of agency in the broader DCEU, but at least draws attention to her supposed importance without relying on any narrative convenience. Still, 2017 League of Justice he overlooks Lois’s pain, presenting her as a simple means to an end.

Snyder Cut still fails Lois Lane

The Snyder Cut finally recognizes Lois as one of the most important characters in the DCEU, but her increased screen time does not equate to greater complexity or depth. Snyder emphasizes Lois’s grief, even including a subplot in which she is unable to return to work at the Daily Planet in the wake of Superman’s death. This addition could perhaps even be seen as a parallel to Snyder’s own departure from working on League of Justice in 2017. So it’s no wonder that Snyder felt a particular connection to Lois and her struggles, but the director’s broader intentions for both Lois and the entire DCEU ultimately set the character up for failure.

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In fact, Lois appears more in Zack Snyder’s Justice League than in the 2017 version. And yet it is relegated to the background. Of course, Lois is a minor character in the DCEU. She is not a member of the Justice League and therefore should not be expected to be on the side of characters like Batman and Wonder Woman in terms of narrative meaning. But Snyder previously established Lois as essential to the inner workings of the DCEU. Considering the narrative weight placed on Lois and her relationship with Superman, her experiences should have been placed at the very center of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Instead, Lois appears only in the middle of the film. And while Snyder lends Lois some valuable moments when it comes to her grieving process, she remains a pawn in the director’s game of narrative chess. She trusts Clark’s mother, Martha, for example, who is later revealed to be Martian Manhunter in disguise. It’s a moment that stands out as a comic book-inspired world-building piece, but fails as a proper dissection of a grieving woman’s struggles. Snyder soon suggests that Lois is pregnant, another exciting moment that expands the DCEU narratively but offers little agency to the woman at the center of the experience. It seems that Lois’ role as “the key” in the DCEU has more to do with everyone around her than the character itself.

How DC Movies Can Fix Your Lois Lane Problem

DC continues to work on several different movies, but you may never get a chance to tie up many of the threads introduced in the movie. League of Justice Snyder cut. The future of Amy Adams’ Lois Lane remains equally uncertain. Casting such an accomplished actress for the role raised high expectations for Lois of the DCEU. Somehow, Snyder and company complied. But in many others, they disappointed. Character development will always be a tricky task in superhero storytelling, where the line between faithful fan service and proper storytelling is increasingly blurred. Of course, the MCU managed to strike that balance, with characters like Thor proving that the DCEU’s supposed obstacles were never really obstacles at all. For DC to fix its Lois Lane issue, it needs to acknowledge the character’s humanity regardless of those around her.

Snyder’s operatic vision for the DCEU remains one of the most fascinating “what ifs” in Hollywood, but that same vision also put an unfortunate lid on the potential of certain characters, Lois Lane being foremost among them. Lois’s journey in the Snyder Cut is intriguingly personal, but ultimately makes her a MacGuffin, not unlike the Mother Boxes or the Anti-Life Equation. A clear cog in the DCEU, Lois has a strong impact on the world around her, but very little interiority available to the viewer. Zack Snyder’s Justice League He’s still a welcome addition to the superhero landscape, but he still fails one of his most powerful characters.

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