Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis decided to share a photo from her visitation day with her two children after she recently lost custody.

Kathryn Dennis from Southern charm fame shared a social media post with his son Saint on the day of his scheduled visit. The reality star recently lost custody of her two children to her ex-boyfriend, Thomas Ravenel. Needless to say, the situation must have been heartbreaking for the doting mother.

The former couple has not had the easiest paths; As fans will recall, they went to court in 2019 to fight for custody of their children, eventually being awarded joint custody. Dennis had full custody in 2016, but lost it and entered rehab for marijuana addiction. Then, in 2018, he sought primary custody of the children after Ravenel was arrested and charged with battery and battery just four months after his nanny charged him with rape.

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Monday, Dennis He shared a photo through his Instagram of his son Saint while spending some quality time with him. The mother of two was shown smiling in her selfie with her little one, stating that she had no makeup but was happy. Bravo’s co-star is also Kensie’s mother. She wrote, Unbrushed eyebrows undid the hair, but the only photo I got today with my little man, so it’s my favorite. “

The reality star went on to write a long and moving post telling fans that she made lunch with her children over the weekend and reminisced about how much cooking brought her family together. She had made the same recipes with her grandmother years ago, and remembers that they were the “better days” of their life. She explained to her followers that moments like those were what made her so happy and blessed. She explained that the “simple” the things in life make you the person you are today. the Southern charm star ended her post, saying she needed that flash of happiness to help put everything in perspective, saying: “I hope to transmit good vibes to all of you. “

So far, Dennis has not spoken publicly about the loss of custody or the weekend visitation. Ravenel’s lawyer confirmed through a statement that the news was correct and that his client had primary custody. Dennis claimed that she only wanted to be able to move her children to Aiken, South Carolina, while Ravenel has accused her of using drugs. The fans are supporting the Southern charm star, as it seems that he had arranged his life and feels that Ravenel may only be abusing his power. You just hope the kids are okay through this confusion.

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