Superman writer Dan Slott just provided a fun theory about where Zantana’s magic comes from in the DC Universe. And he could be right.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Justice League # 59, “Return to Caledonia”.

Previous Superman Writer Dan Slott just suggested a really interesting theory about the truth behind the magic of the DC Universe, specifically regarding Zatanna. The Justice League Dark heroine has incredible magical abilities, which she uses by reciting commands and names backwards. Because of this, Slott suggests that there may be a possible connection between Zatanna and the Fifth Dimension, which would have some interesting implications for magic and where it comes from in the DC Universe.

Zatanna is an impressive magician, having been raised by her equally powerful father Zatara. They both accessed their powers by saying the words of their spells and incantations backwards. For example, “fireball” would be “llaberif”, “lightning” would be “gninthgil”, and so on. Longtime member of Justice League Dark, Zatanna has used her powers to fight all manner of magical and supernatural threats alongside her allies, including John Constantine (a fellow wizard), Swamp-Thing, Deadman, and many more throughout. of the years.

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Due to the nature of Zatanna’s reverse spells, Dan Slott recently suggested on Twitter that Zatanna might be accessing her magical power from the Fifth Dimension. This is the realm of Superman’s villain, Mr. Mxyzptlk, a cosmic imp who wields immense reality-warping powers that he uses to wreak havoc and mischief. However, Mxyzptlk has a crucial weakness. The key to defeating the cheater originally was to get him to say his name backwards, not unlike Zatanna’s spells. As such, this is where Slott’s theory comes in:

While this idea comes exclusively from Slott as a fan and has not been confirmed in actual DC Comics continuity, it is quite compelling in its logic. If true, the implications of what that would mean in terms of magic in general for the DC Universe would be intriguing. Zatanna was referred to as the “World’s Greatest Wizard” in the Justice League Dark back-up story appearing in Justice League # 59 of Ram V and Xermanico and there may be other wizards in the DC Universe capable of harnessing other dimensions for their own magical powers as well.

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This idea that the fifth dimension is a source of magic in the DC Universe could be a game changer. While it wouldn’t be the only source of magic that DC heroes can find and access, it certainly makes a lot of sense when it comes to Zatanna. Perhaps there are multiple dimensions and realities from which magic can be drawn, depending on the preferences and needs of a magician? In any case, Superman Writer Dan Slott’s theory is definitely worth exploring as part of the headcanon, especially in the absence of anything official about this possible connection in DC continuity.

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