Many users have been concerned about the upcoming WhatsApp policy changes. This is when the deadline is and what the change really means.

WhatsApp has recently updated its privacy policy, which will take effect in just a few months. The popular messaging app has been the subject of a host of controversies recently, most of which have focused on privacy issues. In December of last year, WhatsApp was among several companies that received a directive from the FTC requesting information on how personal data is used and collected.

In January, WhatsApp changed its terms to include a requirement for users to share certain information with Facebook, its parent company. The app claimed that this new rule would allow for better integration with other Facebook products. However, users still had many concerns and to the point where many decided to leave WhatsApp, opting for Signal and Telegram. In fact, the response was so negative at the time that WhatsApp delayed the entry into force of the updated policy.

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Initially, WhatsApp had planned to integrate the update on February 8. However, the delay now means that WhatsApp users have until May 15 to accept the terms of the new privacy policy. If users have not accepted the terms by that date, they will begin to lose access to the application. For starters, users will continue to see notifications and receive calls on WhatsApp, but if they don’t agree to the terms after that, they likely won’t be able to use the app until they agree. WhatsApp has since tried to make it easier for users to make the change by adding a new banner to the app that will continue to provide reminders of the need to accept the changes.

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What the WhatsApp changes really mean

WhatsApp data

The updates are primarily focused on companies using WhatsApp to communicate with customers, and no changes are expected in the way users interact with each other. For example, users can see an advertisement for a company and will be better able to use WhatsApp to communicate with these companies. Unsurprisingly, Facebook could also use the way people interact with these ads to personalize ads in the future. Users will also be informed with clear labels if the company they are chatting with is using a secure Facebook hosting service. In addition, the business can use information from a conversation for marketing, including the ads that customers see. Essentially, WhatsApp wants to improve business-related features and needs users to accept the changes, even if they don’t actually take advantage of them.

It is understandable that users are wary of any changes in data collection and use, and it is also true that WhatsApp could have been clearer from the start. Still, it doesn’t seem like there’s much to worry about with these changes, considering they aren’t as broad as many initially thought. If users are still not comfortable with the new arrangement, there are several steps they can take, including checking out some of the alternatives to WhatsApp.

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