Zack Snyder says he could take a look at the theatrical version of Justice League now that his version has been completed and released.

Zack Snyder says he might take a look at the stage version of League of Justice now that your version has been completed and published. His director’s cut from the film, officially titled Zack Snyder’s Justice League, finally launched on HBO Max last Thursday, and it differs from the theatrical version released in 2017 in many ways. That movie was largely rewritten and shot by Joss Whedon, who was hired by the Warner Bros. studio to enhance some of the scenes with new humor. Snyder says he has never seen the theatrical montage, even though his name is attached.

His wife and producer Deborah Snyder reportedly told him not to watch it, and has never bothered to watch it, in large part to allow his view of the film to remain unchanged when watching the theatrical release. He has seen elements of the stage version though, addressing Henry Cavill’s CGI removal of Superman’s mustache in the stage version saying he’s glad it’s not the last audience to see the actor’s version of the Man of Steel. But now what Zack Snyder’s Justice League finally out there and complete, the director hints that he might finally sit down to watch the theatrical version.

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Talking to IMDB (via Comicbook), Snyder hints that he can actually see the theatrical version now that his original vision is available for the world to see. Snyder says it might be interesting to see “what roles were dropped or dropped,” largely speaking of Ray Fisher’s Cyborg being removed from the heart of the theatrical cut. Deborah Snyder also talks about the theatrical version, saying that she told her husband not to watch the movie because it wasn’t his vision, but she says maybe she can see it “someday.” You can read their full comments below:

Zack Snyder: Because I haven’t seen the theatrical version of the movie, and how it ended, I was never sure, and I’m sure not, maybe at some point I’ll take a look at it, but I’m not sure yet. exactly sure which roles were downgraded or eliminated. I think of course number one on the list is that Ray Fisher’s Cyborg story is really foundational to the full movie type.

Deborah Snyder: I think how difficult, without even [passing] The judgment on the movie was just sitting in a movie theater and watching it for the first time because it just wasn’t what we set out to do. It wasn’t Zack’s vision, it was very different. When you work so hard, and I think for Zack and me, it’s very personal. You spend years, and I mean we have spent 11 years working with these characters, so you are very involved. I think when you see things that are very different, you know, it’s hard to do, and I felt like he didn’t need to see them. I think now, having completed your vision for the movie and where we sit now, it’s a different story because it’s a story that was actually told. Then, who knows? Maybe one day I will.

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What Snyder will think of the theatrical montage is up for debate, but he’s unlikely to enjoy it, thanks to the many changes to his version of the film. But he’s clearly getting to the point where he can put the whole saga aside, especially now that his version is out in the world, and it’s being much better received than the theatrical version of League of Justice. However, it would be incredibly interesting to be a fly on the wall while watching it, and it would be great if the director did a live broadcast of himself watching it.

While that is unlikely to happen, what is certain is that you will probably be surprised by the big differences, such as the Parademons being able to smell the fear and inclusion of the Russian family in the final act of the theatrical version. However, when you see it, you can at least tell that your version of League of Justice it’s out there, rather than just the theatrical version that distills several of his ideas.

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Source: IMDB (via Comicbook)

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