After completely breaking Natalie’s heart, Mike released a cryptic message on social media. Is Mike hinting at a future with or without Natalie?

Mike Youngquist fan approval on 90 day fiancé has been steadily declining throughout the season, as his treatment of his fiancee Natalie Mordovtseva seems to get worse with each episode. If Mike is looking for a villain edit, he’s doing a great job. It’s even good at making fans mad at the show. After a particularly brutal episode, where Mike thoroughly stomped on Natalie’s heart, he posted a cryptic message on Instagram that many fans thought was in poor taste.

Mike and Natalie’s relationship has been in a bad place all season. When his K-1 visa was finally approved, Mike didn’t seem to want Natalie to come to America, but the couple moved on anyway. After many ups and downs (mostly downs), Mike and Natalie agreed on a wedding date just before the visa expired. However, Mike called off the wedding on the day of, leaving Natalie devastated. The couple’s alleged marriage certificate has circulated online, but fans have a hard time imagining Mike and Natalie reconciling after what he did to her.

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After a particularly brutal episode in which Mike asked for his engagement ring and one last hug before Natalie left, he released a new selfie on social media. The photo shows Mike smiling outdoors on a sunny day and was captioned, “beautiful days ahead. “Fans immediately wondered if the”beautiful days“They were with or without Natalie. Several anti-Natalie supporters assumed the couple was over for good and congratulated Mike on his decision. “Now that you cut the anchor, let go [sic] now you can navigate calmly,”A fan commented.

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But there were also many fans who disapproved of Mike’s actions and were firmly in Natalie’s corner. “What you did to that woman, it was screwed up … It’s not cool to play with personal emotions,”Said a fan. Many felt that Mike intentionally called off the wedding on the day of as a way to get back at Natalie. “I hope you feel very proud of the way you treated that girl.“Commented one, and another added”I feel sorry for any woman who has to put up with your narcissistic ways.

Mike’s post is frustrating for fans because it can be interpreted in so many different ways. The alleged marriage certificate could be genuine and Mike is causing a reconciliation with Natalie. Or the recent spoilers that the couple are not together could be accurate, in which case Mike is celebrating his afterlife without Natalie. If it’s the latter, that’s not a good look for Mike. Posting that kind of celebratory photo right After the episode that broke Natalie’s heart aired, he feels especially numb.

Fans are divided on what Mike’s new post means and want to know what’s really going on with him. 90 day fiancé Couple. Is the marriage certificate real? Or is it just a red herring? Mike’s Instagram post doesn’t clarify anything and actually makes the whole situation even more confusing. Fans are eager to find out what makes Mike’s “days aheadSo beautiful, but with rumors of all kinds circling the fandom, viewers will have to wait until the end of the season to get the full scoop.

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