The Falcon and the Winter Soldier further demonstrates why switching Redwing from a bird to a drone is the right choice for the MCU, and here’s why.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier The premiere episode proves that the Marvel Cinematic Universe made the right decision by switching to Redwing. Stark Industries created the reconnaissance drone used by Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) as part of Falcon’s winged harness suit. Redwing has served as a key piece of the team for Sam, as he has been on the field as an active member of the Avengers. Considering Redwing’s comic book counterpart, the MCU was smart in siding with practicality over nostalgic precision.

In Marvel Comics, Redwing is a real living hawk who shares a telepathic bond with Sam. Originally purchased in Rio, the telepathic link grew out of Red Skull’s manipulation, but it gave the bird the ability to understand Sam’s commands. Through the use of telepathy, Sam can see through Redwing’s eyes, granting him an additional level of protection against incoming threats. The accomplice hawk first assisted on the streets of New York City, but the bird remained by its master’s side after Sam assumed command of Captain America.

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Although the MCU’s Sam is also on a journey to become the new Captain America, his Redwing is a bit different. Since it appeared in Captain America: Civil War, the drone showcased its elite combat and exploration skills. Not only did Redwing have a 360-degree scanning camera, it was equipped with a machine gun and grappling hooks, as revealed in Civil War. During the battle of Wakanda in Avengers: Infinity War, Sam’s drone split into three miniature drones, showing another ability. In The Falcon and the Winter SoldierIn the episode titled “New World Order”, the Redwing prototype clearly got an update with new technological advancements. This new drone is central to Sam’s mission in the opening sequence of the episode, reiterating the fact that a team was better than presenting a real bird.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe Falcon and Redwing

As Sam helps the US Air Force track down Georges Batroc in Tunis, he uses the enhanced Redwing to break into a hijacked military plane. With Redwing’s new laser pulsar, Sam was able to enter the aircraft. The drone then displays more new powers, such as its compact rockets and increased artificial intelligence. While it would have been exciting for Sam to have an avian companion in the MCU, the presence of a telepathically connected bird is illogical. Unlike Redwing, which can clearly be upgraded with new technology, a living hawk would have limits on its capabilities. As Sam became more involved as an Avenger, having a real bird instead of a crucial piece of Stark gear would not have benefited him on the field.

Making the appropriate changes in Redwing is still viable in the MCU. The drone will likely continue to evolve as Sam’s arc while Falcon continues in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Despite not being a bird, Redwing’s existence is still a fun nod to the character’s comic book arc. The aspects of linking Sam to an actual falcon have appeal, but the MCU clearly went with the clever idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadapting Redwing to serve as an offshoot of the Falcon suit. Perhaps the franchise will take tribute to a new level by giving Sam a live bird one day, but one that will serve as a pet rather than a companion.

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