When it comes to the success of the MCU, showrunner Kevin Feige is generally credited with running the franchise well, overseeing each individual project that is developed under the MCU for theaters and on Disney +. On the other hand, the DCEU has taken a more hands-off approach, with individual projects overseen by different teams. But that may change soon. In an interview with Variety, WarnerMedia Studios CEO Ann Sarnoff hinted that Jim Lee, DC Comics creative director, will play the role of central showrunner on all DCEU projects going forward.

“The connective tissue in the middle is Jim Lee, who oversees DC Comics. Jim lives and breathes the DC canon and works with all divisions to make sure the stories are true to the canon. It helps them come up with ideas for new stories. Jim is in the middle of it all. But the group together helps to stimulate new ideas. But there is not a single person who makes the decisions, because I want all the voices in the room to offer their experience and knowledge of their formats. “

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While Feige’s influence had allowed the many different films in the MCU to merge to an unprecedented degree, it has also sparked complaints that the various films in the franchise have started to look and feel the same, sticking to one ” Marvel formula “. to be met by individual directors.

On the other hand, the DCEU, which has a more mixed record at the box office, is generally understood to offer greater variety in content, from the dark to the bleak. Batman v. Superman to the joyful Shazam!, to Todd Phillips jester, which was as different from a superhero movie as possible.

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Based on Sarnoff’s comments, it seems that while Lee will make sure the various DCEU projects come together and stay true to the spirit of the comics, unlike Feige, he won’t have the power to decide the look, tone, and content. of a movie from start to finish. . Instead, according to Sarnoff, the DCEU will continue to stick to its original vision of offering diverse cinematic voices and content that will appeal to different demographics.

“We will have a roster of DC movies, but it will be richer and more multi-dimensional with a broader range of characters. That will help reduce the [superhero movie] fatigue, because you will see a whole story about Flash and then you will see sequels like “Aquaman 2”, or new versions of Superman, or Shazam, which is screened for a family audience. There would be fatigue if we stayed on a more unique path, but as we are expanding, we will have much more potential to grow the franchise through various demos and various types of fans. “

It appears that the DCEU in the future will continue to experiment with its various storylines, but will also build them all within a more cohesive central cinematic universe under Jim Lee. It remains to be seen to what extent this ambitious plan will succeed. This news is from Variety.

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