After eight years and two children, Raven and Antonio were finally ready to marry. However, they were also emerging from their cramped two-room apartment.

Is Marriage or mortgage The most depressing show on Netflix? Ten wedding couples must decide whether to buy houses or celebrate weddings. That’s right … it’s the glove of real life finances unfolding on television screens. However, due to the fun hosts, upbeat themed music, and charming couples, the depressing premise fades into the background. Through couples, viewers learn about some genuinely emotional journeys. There is a Navy veteran who lost a leg in Afghanistan and a lesbian priest who married a woman in his second marriage. All the featured couples have fascinating stories.

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Raven and Antonio met while in school at Tennessee State University. Six months after meeting, while Antonio was still playing college football, they welcomed their first child. Three years after that, they welcomed their second child. Eight years later, the longtime couple lived in a cramped two-room apartment and were desperate to finally get married. However, their budget was limited, as they only had $ 20,000.

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The cramped apartment with two children was a major problem. In Raven’s words, “They’re crazy. They’re boys … The moment we look away from them, our house could catch fire.” According to Raven and Antonio, these rambunctious kids are ER regulars, and as one might have guessed, the neighbors living below weren’t necessarily thrilled with the noise. The neighbors aside, Antonio wanted the children to have a backyard where they could run and play.

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However, the event of a wedding was also excellent. After eight busy years, the question of “why now?” had to be asked. Clearly their relationship was great and they were in love, so why have a wedding several years later? His oldest son had started asking questions about their relationship. This led Antonio to realize how important it was to build a solid foundation for his children.

After buying backyards with real estate agent Nichole Holmes and wedding venues with Sarah Miller, Raven and Antonio were overwhelmed. However, they had a decision to make. Even though Nichole had worked his agent magic and convinced the sellers of his dream home to lower the price, it was the tricks Sarah had up her sleeve that secured it. Sarah got custom Goo Goos from Raven and Antonio for the factory price, and a $ 2k discount on the venue rental, which was the wedding of her dreams under the budget of $ 19,650.

Raven and Antonio felt that they were late for their wedding and that this was what their children wanted too. However, it is unclear whether the Marriage or mortgage couple went through their wedding. There were no wedding footage at the end of her episode and on social media, it appears that Raven may be living separately from Antonio. Nothing has been confirmed. Fans hope Raven and Antonio are happy.

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Marriage or mortgage is now streaming on Netflix

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