In collaboration with Resident Evil, Rainbow Six Siege had added an elite outfit that allows players to dress up Zofia as Jill Valentine.

Capcom’s celebration of Demonic resident‘s The 25th anniversary continues with a Rainbow six siege collaboration, allowing players to equip Operator Zofia with an Elite Set of Jill Valentine items. Ubisoft announced its Demonic resident collaboration during a preview event to Earn it Operation Crimson Heist in February.

This isn’t the first time Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy brand has teamed up with the heroes of the long-running horror franchise. During the first two weeks of last February, Division 2 hosted a clothing event where the division’s agents could unlock Demonic resident-themed cosmetic items. A total of 21 items were featured at the limited-time event, ranging from backpack trophies and arm patches to weapon skins and icons. Demonic resident suits. Now, another title published by Ubisoft participates in the celebration of Beef milestone year.

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Rainbow six siege Players can choose an elite outfit for Operator Zofia who basically sees her dressed in the Jill Valentine cosplay. Play station He recently released a trailer showing the outfit and its various items in their entirety. The Zofia Elite Set includes Jill’s STARS Unit uniform, victory dance, helmet, device skin for the Lifeline KS79, RE Elite Zofia Chibi charm, and a weapon skin for the LMG-E, M762. and RG15. According to a ResetEra user post Jawmuncher, the skin is available for 1800 R6 credits in the Rainbow six siege showcase.

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It’s currently unclear if this outfit set serves as another limited-time offer. With that in mind Rainbow six siege Players interested in outfitting Zofia in Jill Valentine’s outfit may want to act fast.

This year is great for Demonic resident like an everything. In addition to the excitement related to the 25th anniversary, fans have the next main entry they look forward to with the next release of Resident Evil Village. The new installment will put players back in the shoes of RE7 protagonist Ethan Winters. It also marks another attempt by Capcom to invest in the online space with Reverse, a multiplayer mode focused on deathmatch that will come bundled with Demonic resident Town. The online component features a host of the series’ most beloved heroes, who will transform into some of the equally beloved villains upon death.

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Players can immerse themselves in Rainbow six siege on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Source: Play station, Jawmuncher / ResetEra

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