Tim Sheridan and Rafa Sandoval’s Teen Titans Academy features an extensive cast comprised of heroes new and old, as well as mysteries from Future State.

The original Teen Titans are taking on more of a mentoring role for the next generation of young superheroes looming in the DC Universe in the new Infinite Frontier series. Teen Titans Academy. Combining familiar Titans with new superheroes trying to learn the ropes from their veteran predecessors, comic book creators Tim Sheridan and Rafa Sandoval begin their new series with more than a handful of links and nods to their previous work on Future State: Teen Titans. And while this first issue is perhaps a bit more deliberate pacing than you’d expect as the series introduces its sprawling cast, it teases darker, more action-packed things to come in the very near future for young heroes and heroes. their more experienced counterparts.

Picking up threads on Infinite border # 0, the doors of Teen Titans Academy on Titans Island are now open to new students. From familiar faces like Billy Batson to new characters who carry the mantle of legacy into the next era, the future of the DCU begins here, with its students arriving largely with bright eyes and bushy tails. Meanwhile, the original Titans must grapple with both assuming instructor roles while facing their status as senior statesmen, and an ominous reminder of darker elements from their past that have resurfaced to haunt them and shape their students’ own destinies as classes. begin.

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Sheridan has certainly proven more than capable of balancing big casts before, based on her Future State work, but this time she’s creating as much mystery as she’s crafting a wish-fulfillment-oriented superhero story set in the heart of the DCU. While there’s a great pacing of action right in the middle of this opening number, Sheridan is more interested in introducing his new characters while establishing the interpersonal dynamic between them. It’s always a treat to see the classic New Teen Titans roster come together again, and he balances this well, although the focus here is more on the teen drama, apt as it’s a Teen Titans book, even as the signs of a new Red X begins to take shape as another important link with Future State is established.

Sandoval, in collaboration with his longtime collaborators, inker Jordi Tarragona and colorist Alejandro Sánchez, interprets this extensive and varied cast well. Where the art team especially excels in this issue is the showcase of new characters with a diverse array of superpowers, evoking classic characters with new design twists and their own distinct personalities. The action sequences that are in the book are delivered a bit more in passing as a test flight for the new team, but, with the real threat seemingly coming from the fledgling academy, this focus on interpersonal drama and teenage intrigue is where these artistic strengths are located. they will shine in a hurry.

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Teen Titans Academy # 1 feels like the beginning of a Harry Potter story – the magic is definitely there, but this chapter is more about bringing the cast of characters together and establishing the status quo before letting all hell break loose. The creative team works well with the ensemble, and with such a large cast, that’s an impressive feat in itself, but this issue is really more about getting the band back together rather than starting right away. And with this great set, that may be for the best, but don’t expect things to stay quiet for long.

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