Shameless Explore the turbulent ups and downs of the Gallagher family as they struggle to stay afloat in a dilapidated Chicago neighborhood. Like the classes in Dungeons and Dragons, the main characters of the hit Showtime drama can be categorized by their talents, personal motivations, attitudes, and unique traits that drive them forward every day.

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Damned by an alcoholic father who only knocks on the door when he decides he needs something from his children, the Gallaghers have been forced to evolve to survive, developing skills, legal and otherwise, that will keep food on their table. Some of them fit perfectly into certain classes, while others can choose their class based on the strengths they wish they had.

10 Fiona Gallagher: Wrestler

Skilled in martial arts and skilled with a wide range of weapons, fighters are warriors. They tirelessly train their body and mind to master a wide variety of fighting styles that they may need to protect themselves or their loved ones.

Fiona may not be a physical warrior, but she is a fighter. Raising her siblings alone from a young age, she has worked multiple jobs, given up her own food, broken the law, and generally fought tooth and nail in whatever way she had to do for those children.

9 Veronica Fisher: Ranger

Veronica Fisher shameless

Rangers are a wild type of warrior who fight threats on the fringes of civilizations. Defenders of the weak, take up arms against the monsters of the world. They are often loners, more comfortable alone or with a small, trusted group.

Like a Ranger, Veronica won’t bat for just anyone. She has to take care of herself and her babies, but she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to protecting Fiona and the Gallagher children. She will face monsters if it means protecting them.

8 Carl Gallagher: barbarian

Shameless Carl Gallagher

Barbarians are powerful warriors with primitive backgrounds and a passion for a good fight. According to DnDBeyondThey see clinging to modernity and civilized customs as a sign of weakness and feel more alive in the midst of combat.

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Carl delights in being a bully from a young age. Drawn by the violence, he anxiously breaks his father’s leg so that Frank can become disabled, and sees nothing wrong with their fierce fights at school. Although Carl softens as he ages, he still chooses dominant career fields that involve “battles,” such as the military and eventually the police force.

7 Kevin Ball: Bard

Shameless Kevin Ball The Alibi

Bards are musicians who use song and speech as conduits for their magic. They may not be the toughest soldiers who launch into battle with the fury of a barbarian, but they use their skills with words and tones to cast powerful spells.

Kevin Ball is one of the sweetest and funniest characters on the show. Friendly and cheerful by nature, his laid-back personality makes him a great bartender and a good father. You can use your fists if you need to, but you don’t pick a fight, you would rather talk to loud waiters than rush straight into a fight.

6 Sheila Jackson: Druid

Sheila in Shameless

Driven by their connections to the world around them, Druids are spiritual beings and highly empathetic with respect for animals and nature. Sheila is a bit strange, but if she had to choose a class, she could decide on the peaceful druid.

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Enjoy the idea of ​​spiritual connection, especially through sex, and yearn to go out and see the world. Sheila is driven by her need for nurturing, but combined with her mental health issues, her compassionate nature makes it easy for others to take advantage of her.

5 Lip Gallagher: Magician

Lip Gallagher in Shameless

Magicians are the scholars of Dungeons and Dragons. While wizards inherit their magical abilities from ancient lineages, wizards study to achieve them. Constantly learning so that they can hone their skills, they are eager to understand the mysteries of the world.

Lip Gallagher is naturally smart, particularly in science and robotics, but he hasn’t been without work. Lip continually pushes his own limits, whether it’s in a university setting or he’s quietly inventing a battle robot for a robot fighting competition.

4 Ian Gallagher: Paladin

Ian Gallagher from Shameless

Warriors bound by a sacred oath to protect the weak, paladins uphold justice in the darkest reaches of the world. They face evil and protect those who need a hero.

Ian is a good man willing to take risks to protect others. He excelled at JROTC in hopes of one day joining the ranks of the brothers in arms. He probably could have been a good soldier if not for his rampant bipolar disorder which led him to act erratically. Later, her misguided heroic tendencies reappear when she becomes a voice for the voiceless in her “Gay Jesus” story.

3 Mickey Milkovich: Warlock

Shameless Mickey Milkovich

Powerful beings gifted with magic through pacts with mysterious beings, sorcerers are strong fighters who combine their physical strength with their magical abilities. Although they are not inherently evil, many warlocks receive their powers through pacts with dark beings.

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Mickey Milkovich grew up in a neighborhood of dogs that eat dogs and set out to be the best dog. A bully, a brawler, and the occasional criminal, Mickey is the typical tough guy who would have no problem making a deal with the devil if it meant protecting himself.

two Debbie Gallagher: clergyman

Debbie Shameless Season 2

Graced with the divined magic of the Gods, Clerics cast spells with their God-given abilities rather than the powers gained through years of study. Noble helpers, clerics befriend, inspire and heal, but will also protect if there is a threat.

Debbie has always been her family’s little helper from the very first episode. Whether she is cooking, cleaning, bandaging cuts, or earning money for the family, she is a hard worker who strives to do. A native caregiver, she has always been the go-to babysitter and even started her own daycare to help pay family bills.

1 Frank Gallagher: Rogue

Sassy drinking frank

Known for using deception, stealing, and manipulation to solve their problems, rogues rely on their intelligence rather than their physical strength or incredible magical abilities. A “Jack of all trades”, they often have a plethora of unique abilities. Not necessarily tied to morale, they do what they need to to survive.

Frank is a rogue from head to toe. A die-hard alcoholic who only bothers to pay attention to his kids when he needs a place to sleep or a few dollars, Frank has no shame. He will steal, cheat, and lie to his family, and he’s incredibly good at it. A manipulative teacher, he is constantly scheming and often takes advantage of his children’s love for him.

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