After betraying the group, Amos finally found a line he was unwilling to cross in Dungeons and Dragons: At the Spine of the World.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Dungeons & Dragons: On the backbone of the world # 4 by Aimee Garcia, AJ Mendez, Martin Coccolo, Katrina Mae Hao and Neil Uyetake, on sale now.

Warlocks are wild cards in Dungeons and Dragons, there is no way around that. They obtain their power by forging a pact with a higher being, typically an evil one, actually agreeing to serve their master’s needs when necessary. And in Dungeons & Dragons: On the spine of the World # 4, Amos proved how treacherous warlocks can be when he lit the party.

Despite betraying them to fulfill their service to a Duergar king, there were still some lines that even Amos was unwilling to cross. Unfortunately, your attempt to correct your mistakes may have cost you your life. Warlocks are wild cards though, so you may have found a way to escape at the last second.

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When first introduced, Amos seemed like the type of person who cares primarily about his next payday. But its first appearance near a huge chunk of chardalyn was a hint of the greater darkness to which it was connected. His luck changed when he met the others who would form his group. In particular, Belvyre, with his magic item Frostbrand, caught his eye. His loot was gone and his intended recipient would not be pleased, so he decided to cut his losses and gave the group the idea of ​​finding a magical city hidden under the ice.

This was simply a ruse, of course. He made sure Amos had ample protection from anything that came between him and access to his master’s lair. And once the moment came, he betrayed the group by pushing them off a cliff and kidnapping Belvyre. His goal was never personal, but simply to offer Belvyre and Frostbrand as compensation for the lost Chardalyn to their master, the Duergar leader, Xardorok Sunblight.

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Amos seemed completely at ease serving Sunblight. He showed no concern for others, not even a hint of remorse for his actions. Of course, he had known them for a short time before they perceived death at his hands. But as the final issue of the series demonstrated, there are some lines Amos is unwilling to cross. When his former allies finally breached the dungeon, Xardorok wanted to unleash a volcanic eruption to stop them. But Amos saw the immediate consequence: the loss of the Duergar army.

Despite appearances, it was the loss of so many lives that bothered Amos. He hinted that the only reason he’s serving Xardorok was to help break Icewind Dale’s curse, leaving him little choice but to follow the mad Duergar’s plan. But when the rest of the group arrived, Amos saw that there was a chance to fix this. With the eruption underway, Amos had a choice. He could run away and save himself, or he could return Frostbrand to its rightful owner and give them a chance to stop the eruption. Admitting it was a stupid choice, Amos chose the last option and was seemingly consumed by lava as his friends stopped Xardorok’s plan.

This seemed to be the end of Amos, but considering that he was one of the main characters, it’s hard to imagine that he was actually gone. And in Dungeons and Dragons, death is never really an end for a character. At high enough levels, it’s only a minor inconvenience. There may even be a chance that Amos survived. Warlocks are a slippery bunch and have various ways of evading death. And since his body was never shown, the chances of Amos returning to continue atoning for his choices are high.

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