The princess-centric bonus episode from The Walking Dead proves that the drama series still has cliffhangers issues that are evident in Glenn’s arc.

The Walking Dead The fourth additional episode of season 10 proves that the AMC series still has a cliffhangers problem. The episode, titled “Splinter”, focuses mainly on Princess, a comic book character introduced in the second half of season 10. The eccentric survivor, played by Paola L├ízaro, joined Eugene, Ezekiel and Yumiko in their mission to fulfill with the long life of Eugene. remote contact from another community. While “Splinter” provides crucial insight into Princess’ backstory, the episode falls into the show’s long-running reliance on the cliffhangers.

The princess made her Living Dead she made her debut in season 10’s “Look at the Flowers” before starring in what was originally supposed to be the last two episodes of the season. After scaring the horses used by Eugene, Ezekiel, and Yumiko, Princess tried to find a new means of transportation for them in the form of bicycles. Aside from a minefield incident and a bicycle accident, the group, including Princess, made it to the train yard, which is said to be Eugene’s rendezvous with Stephanie, a mysterious Commonwealth woman. In the train yard, the quartet was approached by a platoon of heavily armed soldiers wearing white bulletproof vests. Before anything could be revealed about these Commonwealth soldiers, the episode ended on a suspense.

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Originally, the episode featuring Commonwealth stormtrooper-looking soldiers was intended to be the end of season 10. AMC then ordered six additional episodes to extend season 10. Rather than relying heavily on the larger narrative, the additional episodes have focused on the characters, filling in some gaps in the earlier stories. That said, there were hopes that the Princess-centric episode would eventually add some information about the Commonwealth or at least lay the groundwork for her presence in season 11. Instead, The Walking Dead barely scratches the surface with the new community at “Splinter”. The series also features another suspense involving Princess and her new allies when they are held hostage in the final moments. By avoiding any resolution with Commonwealth Guards motivations and instead relying on the suspenseful format, the series continues to be a long-running problem.

It’s certainly not uncommon for shows to use cliffhangers as a way to keep viewers interested, especially late in the season. The method keeps fans wanting more and prompts them to come back season after season. The Walking Dead has always had some kind of suspense at the end of the season, but over time, the method became a crutch too. In The Walking Dead In the third episode of season 6, “Thank You”, Glenn found himself in a dire situation, resulting in his unknown fate. A few episodes later, it was revealed that Glenn crawled under a dumpster to evade a horde of walkers. This mini-suspense was made worse when his true death was overwhelmingly predicted at the hands of Negan in the season 6 finale. The villain ended up killing a member of Rick’s group, but the victim was not revealed for another seven months.

Although Abraham was Negan’s first victim, Glenn also suffered a brutal death in the season 7 premiere, much to fans’ expectations. Prolonging the inevitable was criticized by many viewers, especially with Glenn’s fake death with the dumpster. The repeated Commonwealth cliffhangers reveal The Walking Dead You have not learned from confidence in solving the big moments in a timely manner. The series has been building towards the Commonwealth comic arc for years. The community has been confirmed to be a focus of Season 11, so there’s really no need to present Commonwealth ambiguously. “Splinter” could have given Princess a backstory and at the same time touched on the motives of the new community.

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