Concerns about COVID-19 have prompted the judge in the Frank Darabont / Walking Dead earnings trial to move the trial to next year.

The drama about the long-awaited trial between AMC and Frank Darabont, the developer of The Walking Dead The TV series, on whether Darabont was paid its fair share of the proceeds on the hit drama series, now appears to almost certainly continue into next year.

Last week, AMC requested that Supreme Court Justice Joel Cohen vacate and continue the trial until the COVID-19 crisis is completely over, as they claimed that continuing the trial before that point would be too risky. Cohen finally agreed with AMC in its ruling this week.

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Cohen ruled that the trial will be postponed until April 2022, and that the jury will not even be elected until next March.

Darabont filed the case nearly eight years ago, arguing that AMC unfairly took advantage of its contract with the famous television and film producer for the fact that AMC produced The Walking Dead itself, rather than licensing the program to an outside production studio. The problem with such a deal is that obviously AMC would not literally pay itself a license fee for the TV rights to a show that would air on its own network, so the profit sharing would instead it was based on a figure that AMC said it would make. replace the production license fee. Darabont claims that AMC manipulated that fee to keep it artificially low and, since Darabont received a share of the program’s profits, it alleges that AMC is unfairly hiding its huge earnings from The Walking Dead from him, with Darabont claiming $ 300 million in loss of profit sharing.

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Judge Cohen noted that the trial might However, they still happen before April 2022, if the situation in court and your ability to safely host trials changes, noting: “If there is a window for a five-week jury trial available in the court calendar before of April 4, 2022, and Assuming that the Court considers that the pandemic conditions allow a trial to be conducted safely at that time, the parties will make every effort to be available for a joint trial of the above-mentioned actions. during that period, provided that the attorneys for the parties to the trial can clear their calendars, and the parties have sufficient notice to ensure the participation of their respective witnesses. ”

Neither AMC nor Darabont issued a comment on the news.

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